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14 Things You’re Doing to Yourself That Are Actually Harmful. Stop It Now.

Do you ever wonder if you’re doing anything to hurt yourself? You might be surprised at how many harmful things you’re doing daily. Here are 14 of them and how to stop.

A user asked, what’s something that people should stop normalizing? Here are the top picks: 

1. Posting EVERYTHING On Social Media

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“Posting everything they do on social media. I’ve gotten into heated fights with an ex because I’m on the opposite end of the spectrum, and aside from selfies so people know I’m alive and what I look like now every few months, I post nothing on social media I don’t feel the need to prove how happy I am.

She took it as me hiding her from someone when in all actuality I didn’t feel the necessity to show the world how in love we were. I like my personal life personally. At the same time, I have to be friends with someone for a while before I even show them where I live or let them in my home.”


2. Filming Your Kids

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“Filming your kids for content. “for content” is the most important part of this. Capturing memories to relive forever is not the same as trying to profit from the innocence of a child.”


3. Killing Yourself For A Job

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“Killing yourself for a job that will replace you in a heartbeat. Someone in my team works a lot for the company, but I wish they’d rest.

I think they struggle with that, and I wish I could help them; I want them to see the company for what it is. A money machine that is using us to exist. The company also made another team member redundant with zero warning after working here for 20 years a couple of weeks ago. Just gone, accounts deactivated; see ya. Disgusting behavior.”


4. Lowbeam Headlights

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“Low beam headlights so bright that they blind people in front of them, all in the name of “safety” for the driver. Yeah, really safe to blind the driver of a 4000lb oncoming vehicle. Also, not one bit necessary to have lights that bright in the city or suburbia. Also, screw “adaptive/matrix” headlights and automatic high beams – none of those work for cyclists or pedestrians, as well as not working well enough anyways.”


5. Toxic Positivity

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“Toxic positivity. Before COVID, I worked in a larger software company, big enough for the employees not to know everyone. the

HR always had these wild visions of bringing us ‘together’ like it was someone, big and happy family. We got coerced into various events and parties, where most of us just sat, looking out of place, and didn’t enjoy ourselves. The HR people were livid about this because ‘party = people must be happy,’ so the employees maybe needed a reminder they were privileged to have those jobs and should look happier.”


6. Public Spectacle Of Divorce

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“The public spectacle of divorces is no one’s business, but I’m surprised to see people taking sides. It doesn’t impact their own lives a single bit. “


7. Tipping

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“Tipping. It is so out of hand now.

If tipping wasn’t a thing, places that require it for their staff’s survival would either go out of business which they should or pay their employees a livable wage.

My mother told me recently that she ordered a pizza (added tip via app), and the guy who delivered got mad at her because he was sure she did not give him a tip even though it clearly says there was a 20% tip added to the order.”


8. Acting Like A Jerk

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“Acting like a tool in public.

Filming yourself doing a tik tok in a crowded mall, screaming randomly for clout, doing weird things/twerking in front of kids. All of it. Those types of people make me wish we didn’t get rid of public punishment like stocks/pillories.”


9. Treating Workers Like Trash

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“Treating health care workers like trash.”


10. Reality TV


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“Reality TV which normalizes toxic behaviors.”


11. Bringing Your Kids

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“Bringing your poorly behaved kids somewhere that they would disrupt the atmosphere. Like a restaurant that’s not family-oriented, or the movies.”


12. Expectation of Gifts

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“The luxury expectations of gifts and events…If you’re not in debt after giving them a gift or throwing a party, that means you could’ve done more…No, you don’t need to fly out a lion from the fields of Africa and paint it pink or blue to announce your baby’s gender.

A cute surprise dinner date is more intimate and unique than a Louis bag, and why is your one-year-old baby dripped down in Burberry from head-toe? I miss the simpler times.”


13. Misinterpreting “Be Yourself”

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“People misinterpret the quote “be yourself” and not work on self-improvement. We should always strive to be better people. You can still appreciate who you are alongside.”


14. Alcohol

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“It’s a drug just like any other. It’s been normalized so much that people don’t even consider it a drug.”

“It can ruin your life just as much as other drugs. It’s also terrible to base your enjoyment on using that drug. People can’t seem to have fun anymore unless they’re drinking.”

“Birthday? Let’s drink! Hanging out? Let’s drink! Party? Let’s drink! Eating food? Let’s drink!”

“It’s embarrassing that people depend on it just to function.”


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