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14 People Share Things That Make You “Instantly” Unattractive. Guilty of Any?

You should focus on doing what is best for you and not worry about other people’s thoughts. We, however, came across a thread where a user asked, what is a piece of clothing or an accessory that makes a person immediately unattractive?

Here is what people think:

1. T-Shirts With Long Statements

Redhead man with long beard holding a cocktail isolated on blue background with surprise and shocked facial expression

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Any shirt with a long statement about how the person wants to be viewed.



2. Tap Out Shirt

Angry jealous vindictive woman hunching her shoulders and snarling as she looks furtively sideways with a baleful expression, on white

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Tap-Out shirt”

“I’ll bet Gas Station Kino shirts, with the angry flaming skeletons pointing two guns at you, declaring I’M A FORKLIFT OPERATOR. WE WORK HARD, AND WE PLAY HARD.”

Redditors also added in Ed Hardy, Affliction, and more. 


3. Pants Below The Buttocks

African woman standing over white background doing ok gesture shocked with surprised face, eye looking through fingers. unbelieving expression.

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“Pants are worn below the buttocks. And if you insist, please wear clean underwear that isn’t all stretched out and full of holes. No one needs to know how nasty you are walking around with shit stains for everyone to see.”


4. Fake Eyelashes

Macro eye of a woman with pink smoky eyeshadow with long feather false eyelashes.

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“Eyelashes that are too obviously fake.”


5. Brocolli Haircut

A man with a mohawk and beard, isolated

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“The thing I find most disgusting currently is the broccoli haircut. Looks so bad. I work in a high school, and it’s broccoli haircuts as far as the eye can see. Like being in a VeggieTales episode.”


6. Ripped Jeans

A young man, from the waist down, in a causal t-shirt and ripped jeans with hair legs exposed stands in the road.

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“Those god-awful jeans dudes wear with the random ribbed patches on the thighs. You know, the ones. ABOLISH THEM!”


7. Anything With The Joker On It

Portrait of an excited bearded man in eyeglasses standing with outstretched hands isolated over yellow background

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“Anything with the joker on it. Double that if there is an edgy quote on it as well.”


8. Fake Fingernails

Portrait of attractive beautiful woman. High fashion look. Blue light.

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“Giant, long fake fingernails. And dinner plates in the earlobes. So much judgment at salons when you keep asking them to cut them shorter and shorter, though. Like, come on, I wear contacts and want to get them out with my eyeballs still intact.”


9. Branded Clothing

Young caucasian girl wearing casual clothes clueless and confused with open arms, no idea concept.

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“I’m not a fan of clout-chasing branded clothing. It screams materialistic consumerism, and that is not cute to me.”


10. Frat Man Style

child screaming, angry tired stressed neglected boy

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“The preppy frat man/boy style. Salmon shorts, a pastel vineyard vines button-down, and Sperry’s. Sorry, but it makes some people look like overgrown toddlers at Easter mass.”


11. Rhinestone Crosses

Closeup portrait of angry young man, about to have nervous breakdown, isolated on gray wall background. Negative human emotions facial expression feelings attitude

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“Jeans with rhinestone crosses on the glutes.”


12. Stretched Ear Lobes

stretched ear lobe piercing with flesh tunnel

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“Overly Stretched ear lobes”


13. Untrimmed Beard

Crazy bearded Man with funny Curly Hair scratching messy beard, isolated on white background. Emotions and signs concept.

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“A bushy, untrimmed beard. You have to take care of it. I’ve seen so many that could double as a wildlife habitat.”

“And Jesus, don’t scratch it if it’s long or bushy. Looks like you have lice in there.”

“A well-groomed beard is hot. A big mess is disgusting.”


14. Gold Chains

Photo of gorgeous woman with Cleopatras makeup, closeup portrait of beautiful female with stylish haircut isolated on black background, young lady wearing fashionable golden necklace, beauty salon

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“Lots of gold chains around their neck”


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