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11 Things You’ll Be Happy to Trade for Youth

While we often fondly remember the happy moments of our childhood, upon deeper reflection, we may uncover less pleasant memories that can range from experiences of bullying to moments of isolation. These recollections, surprisingly persistent, can continue to impact us well into adulthood.

An internet user recently asked, What DON’T you miss about being young? We’ve curated the best 11 responses for you below:

The Lack Of Freedom 


Image Credits: Roman Samborskyi, Shutterstock

“Not being in control of my life and making my own choices.” Said one. 

“The lack of freedom was the worst. Truly, getting my driver’s license as a teen almost immediately improved my mental health and emotional well-being. I could finally drive around and be alone or do things alone. Or I could leave some event if I wanted to leave.” Another added. 

Being Overly Shy


Image Credits: Mix and Match Studio, Shutterstock

“Being shy. It was almost debilitating.” Said one. 

“Once I stopped caring what other people thought and lost all the excess weight I carried around as a teenager, life went much more smoothly. My early 20s were such a liberating time for me. I wish I could experience it again.” Another added. 

Obeying Without Questioning 

Image Credits: fizkes, Shutterstock

“Obeying authority without question & being punished if I don’t. As a kid, I was forced to kiss people on the lips.” Said one. 

“And forced to babysit my parents’ friends’ kids. At 13, I remember minding a newborn! And her toddler brother. God, I hated it but I’m just grateful none of them died TBH. In an emergency, I’d have had no idea what to do.” Another added. 



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“Bullies; pressure from my parents to get good grades; pressure from kids in the class to NOT stand out and come off as a try-hard. When you’re like 10 years old you don’t even know how to verbalize this stress, and very easily both sides are just coming at you with a chip on their shoulder.” 

Family Abuse


Image Credits: Cast Of Thousands, Shutterstock

“My dad being abusive.” Said one. 

“Samesies. My main goal when I left home was to never need to return.” Another added. 

Being Underestimated 


Image Credits: Cast Of Thousands, Shutterstock

“Being told I don’t know what I am talking about or could not possibly understand what the adults are talking about, without those adults ever bothering to find out what I knew about it.” Said one. 

“This. This was constant and then I got older and realized I was RIGHT about and it was so frustrating.” Another added. 

Constantly Worrying About People’s Opinion About Yourself 


Image Credits: sergey causelove, Shutterstock

“Worrying about what other people think about you and putting on a show pretending to be who you’re not, trying to convince others to be your friend.” Said one. 

“Also applies to being a good son or daughter. I had a combative sibling and so I wanted to be non-combative. I worry very little about what people think now, and I am a good son because I just want to be and it feels right.” Another added. 

No Control Over One’s Company 


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“Having no control over who I spent time with.” Said one. 

“Essentially, you’re just doing whatever your parents are, which is fine most of the time but it’s nice to have the freedom to do what I want now.” Another added. 

Math Tests


Image Credit: Cast Of Thousands, ShutterStock

“Math tests.” Said one. 

“You have 2 minutes to complete all the problems on this page. Ready?! GO!” Another added. 

The Constant Feeling Of Obligation 


Image Credit: Mix and Match Studio, ShutterStock

“Feeling like I have to obey anyone older than me, it felt like an obligation. It’s nice being able to say no to things as an adult.” 

Random Life Coaches


Image Credit:, Shutterrocks

“Nobody tries to be my life coach anymore.  Nothing I hated more about being young than the fact that everyone constantly felt the need to shove their unwelcome and unwanted life advice down my throat, especially since I can’t recall a piece of unsolicited advice I was ever given that was worth a damn.” 

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