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17 Myths About Men That Women Need to Unlearn As Soon As Possible

Women and men often have different perspectives on the world, and this can lead to some misunderstandings. One area where this is often true is in the realm of dating and relationships. There are a number of things that women often say men do that men actually don’t do.

An internet user asked, What are things women say men do but men actually don‘t do? The responses below might surprise you!

Answer questions

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” I did answer the question the first 5 times you asked. The 6th time I feel like I’m not being heard and now I’m not answering lol.”

We listen but don’t comprehend a lot of times

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“We listen but don’t comprehend a lot of times. a lot of times when we’re nodding our heads, we’re thinking about the next Chinese handheld that will be coming to market in the coming months. have you seen the Retroid pocket 3 plus and Retroid pocket flip? all they need is a little more powerful hardware, and most of our ps2 and GameCube collections will be running smoothly. we’ve been waiting our entire lives for this.

If We’re Nice, We’re Flirting

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“That if I’m being nice, I’m trying to flirt. I’m happily married and loyal, I just choose not to be a jerk.” 

Teenage Boys Are Soulless Monsters

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“I hated this when I was a teenager. People automatically assume the worst about me when I was around a girl in any capacity because they “know what teenage boys are after.” I even have similar assumptions being made about me now as a guy in my mid-20s.

No, you don’t. You don’t know me, and you should stop projecting your crappy teenage behavior onto me. Every young person with a Y chromosome is not some soulless monster. Don’t make these assumptions about me and just accept the fact that when you were younger you were just a crappy person.”

Those “Locker Room” Talks

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“Tell other men the details about the romance we have with our SO, trust me, women, we don’t want other men to even think about you romantically, we don’t discuss that at all!”

Being Carefree About Our Own Safety

7. stupid manm

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“Walk around at night without a care in the world, unconcerned with our safety.” Said one. 

“Yeah, I find when I’m walking around downtown I’m low-key assessing everyone I walk past to see if they’re a threat or not. Might be slightly paranoid lol but you always see shady people like that.” Another added. 

Talking About Irrelevant Stuff

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“Talk about stuff other than what we are doing at the moment. When I play golf with boys, my wife wants to know all the latest news about their kids. We guys just talk about how we messed up the last hole and where the trouble is on the next hole. And then laugh at each other for missing a 3 ft put.” 

Not Approaching Women Means We’re Not Interested

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“That if we DON’T approach them, it surely means we’re not attracted or interested…it can’t be because he’s been told repeatedly (by women) to never approach except in very specific social situations. 

Amazingly, this reality doesn’t enter their psyche. It’s fascinating.”


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“Not a concrete definite here cause some do for sure, but ghosting. Some women will be like omg this guy ghosted me after our first date. Then you learn she never attempted to contact the guy herself so it was obvious she just wanted the guy to chase her.”

Any Man Looking In Your Direction At The Gym Is A Creep

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“That any man looking in your direction at the gym is a creep that wants to harass you and make you uncomfortable. I’m sure there are creepy guys at the gym, hell there are creepy women at the gym, but the vast majority of folks are simply wanting to work out in peace.

Funny enough, I find motivation in the strength/form of others, so I find myself admiring how much work other people do to achieve what they have, that’s why I like to pay attention to those around me. I’ve learned to fix my form on so many workouts just from paying attention to how experienced gym-goers do things.”

We Judge On The Basis Of Looks Only

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“Men judge on looks only – personally I am multi-sensory. Yep, looks are important but more than that it matters what women think as well and whether they actually think freely as well as their actions match their thoughts i.e. I judge the entire person.”

We Lose Stuff Every Now And Then

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“Lose stuff. I don’t lose stuff. I leave stuff out then my wife puts it away (in a black hole, probably) only to forget where she put it and then blames me for losing it.”

We Think About Other Women When We’re Staring Off Into Blank Space 

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“When we stare off into space, they always want to know what you are thinking about or looking at and the answer is nothing, they never believe it. I don’t know if it’s just me or guy things but sometimes I just completely blank out the world.”

We’re All Crazy About The “Instagram Baddie” Type Of Girls

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“Only go after the most shallow definition of “hot girls”

Most men actively avoid the “Instagram baddie” type because we know the women who fit that stereotype of conventional attractiveness are usually… lacking everywhere else because they can essentially coast through life on looks.

Give me a cute 7 with a good personality and smile over a boring 10 any day and yes I’ve been with boring 10s, this isn’t just projection.”

We Keep Looking For Fights

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“Look for a fight.  There’s a very small percentage of men who want to get into fights.  The rest follow the unspoken rules for how to de-escalate and generally avoid physical confrontation.”

We Listen Profusely 

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“We listen but don’t comprehend a lot of times. A lot of times when we’re nodding our heads we’re thinking about the next Chinese handheld that will be coming to market in the coming months. Have you seen the Retroid Pocket 3 Plus and retroid pocket flip?

All they need is a little more powerful hardware and most of our ps2 and GameCube collections will be running smoothly. We’ve been waiting our entire lives for this.”

We Want Other Women While We’re With The One

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“Want other women when we are with one. Our focus is on you and only you. We glance at people walking by or spend an extra 3 seconds with a server or a waitress, but any man with his salt is not thinking about her romantically while with you.”

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