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12 Telltale Signs You Might Be a “Terrible” Person, Are You?

Whether or not someone is a terrible person is a matter of opinion, but there are some things that people do that can make them seem like terrible people.

A user asked, what screams “I’m a terrible person”? Here is what the netizens agreed on

1. Making Your Children Upset For Social Media

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“Making your children upset to record it and post it for internet points.”

“Thank god my parents didn’t grow up with the internet in any way because my dad would’ve definitely done this. Instead, he recorded us crying to make fun of us to our family.”


2. Habitual Littering 

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“Being a habitual litterer.”

“I once saw someone litter a couple of feet from a bin. I didn’t say anything I just bent down while carrying my large toddler in a sling and picked up this man’s rubbish, and put it in the bin for him. The toddler is heavy, so I struggled to bend down, but I’ve never seen someone look so ashamed of themselves.”


3. Not Accepting Mistakes

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“Not accepting mistakes as mistakes. Just say I made a mistake.”


4. Abusing Animals

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“Abusing animals”

“I work with a shelter, and the horrific things humans can do to dogs and cats are unbelievable.”


5. Screaming and Making A Scene

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“Making a huge screaming scene in a restaurant.”

“I stopped going out with a friend because of the man-tantrums he would have in public.”

“I was in a restaurant with my parents and we were sat next to a table where this girl had just got her medical degree and she was celebrating with her family and they were almost all very drunk and kept being served alcohol. Her father was making a massive scene because it was a French restaurant and he apparently couldn’t tolerate any food that wasn’t Italian and kept threatening to walk out. This descended into screaming matches all around and the poor girl who’s celebration it was meant to be begging people to just be civil and her father to calm down and stay just this evening for her. I wish I could say I was making this up.”


6. Manipulating People Around You

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“When the default coping mechanism is to manipulate or abuse other people”

“See also: when they always have a story for how everything is always someone else’s fault and NEVER theirs.”


7. Minimizing Someone’s Pain

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“Minimizing other peoples experiences or pain because it doesn’t match with your experiences.”

“Related: Telling people with (chronic) pain that they just have to change their mindset.”


8. Rude To The Wait Staff

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“Rudeness to wait/service staff. People often look down on people performing service jobs, and treat them like some sort of underling, justifiable of receiving any sort of behaviour. Totally unnecessary or acceptable, unless the said staff initiated the rudeness, and even then, I was taught not to descend to “their level of rudeness.””


9. Taking Advantage Of Others

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“Taking advantage of others or mistreating others when they can get away with it.”

“Things like letting their roommates do all their dishes and pay all the bills. Getting their partner to do the majority of housework and slinking out of helping. Acting like they care about something only when someone is witnessing them. Being kind only when others are watching. Being cruel when others are not watching. “Forgetting” things that don’t fit their narrative about who they are.

It is so manipulative to cultivate a persona that is totally false and to act the opposite when it is advantageous. So many people use this strategy to get away with terrible behaviour and once you see their true colours it immediately screams they are terrible at their core.”


10. Parking In The Handicapped Spot

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“Parking in the handicapped spot and not being handicapped or have a sticker/placard. Or parking in a spot crooked where the next car can’t park.”


11. Entitled Behavior

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“If you cant handle me at my worst you dont deserve me at my best”. Usually this is just an excuse for people being rude and entitled.


12. Using Someone’s Insecurities

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“Ridiculing someone’s insecurity in public to get a laugh out of people.”


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