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13 Things That Can Turn an Attractive Woman Into a Turn-off. Oops!

Humans are naturally attracted to physical beauty, but a person’s appearance alone cannot sustain long-term attraction. In fact, it’s often the case that only physically attractive people become less appealing over time if they lack other qualities such as intelligence, kindness, and a good sense of humor.

Someone recently asked on the internet, what’s something an attractive woman had said/done that made her instantly unattractive to you? We didn’t want you to miss the interesting responses so here you go:  

Astrology: A Red Flag

10. cunning man

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“Anything to do with astrology, it’s just a shortcut for assuming things about other people, the big red flag for me.”

Two Very Different Options

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“She told me she was vegan.

Or she told me to follow her on Instagram.

I eat meat and don’t have an Instagram account. So neither one of those is for me.”


Young couple having argument at home

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“I would take a date and see how she treated the wait staff.  There were many no second dates.” said one.

“This. Also, being judgemental. And swearing like a rock driver. (No offense to truck drivers, mad respect for your work)” another added. 

Filthy Homes 

Beautiful girl thinking what to dress in walk-in closet

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“There have been multiple women I’ve dated and got along with well on the first date or two. Then the first time I was invited to their place, it was a mess. I’m not talking about whether the place needs to be vacuumed or if it looks like it hasn’t been cleaned in a few weeks. I’m talking about dishes that have been stacked in the sink for months, to the point that the sink is unusable or there’s a dog dump on the floor, and the place stinks.

There’s a stereotype that men will mess up anything. Still, if I can’t feel comfortable in your place to the point that I don’t want to take my shoes off, it’s going to be impossible for me get into a romantic mindset and want to do anything romantic with you no matter how physically attractive you are.”

Being Uninformed Or Having No Hobbies 

Attractive young woman with long blond hair wearing glasses reacting with a horrified anxious expression holding her hands to her cheeks with her mouth wide open, on white

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“I’m not the cleverest, but some people ASTOUND me with how little they know of the world.”

“It’s truly amazing how many people have no hobbies, and they always say they would hate to retire because they’d be “bored”. Big red flag in my book.” 

Said “Farms Are Stupid” 

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“Tried to tell me that “farms are stupid” and need to be turned into suburbs because “we get our food from grocery stores now” said one. 

“I think she was the villain of an animated kid’s movie about environmentalism,” trolled another. 

Unnecessary Entitlement 


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“Nothing more off-putting than a sense of entitlement. I used to work in a bar, and attractive women would often push their way to the front, squeeze their breasts onto the bar, and wave to get my attention in the hope I’d go puppy-eyed and drop everything to run and serve them. I’d make a point of explaining the system of a queue and how they’d have to wait like everyone else in the bar, the LOOKS I’d get….” 

“The moment she opened her mouth, all that entitled princess crap started oozing out of it.”

“I’m Bad” Attitude 


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“There was a woman that I liked, and when she came off with that attitude “I’m bad” that soured everything I liked about her.”

“Oh gawd, as a woman, I hate when girls say this. If you have to tell someone what you are, you aren’t, and who wants that title anyways?”

Annoying Baby Talks


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“Acting like a child, speaking in a little girl voice, everything she said/did being attention seeking”

“Free Love So I Can Double Date”

Casual bored brunette girl in red top with hands crossed tiredly posing on camera over yellow background. Not interested expression

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“Cheating is such a Western, colonial concept. Free love, dude. So can I make love to another guy” 

“Holocaust Isn’t Real” 

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“Saying she doesn’t believe in the holocaust. Her point was that it’s impossible to kill millions of people. I was like, whaaat?” said one.

“I’m over here asking women if they’d like to go on a date to the Holocaust museum with me, which isn’t working either.” replied another.

Feminists Having Zero Idea Of “Feminism” 

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“Claimed to be a feminist and had zero ideas what that meant, instead blindly thought that meant hating an entire gender. If you want to hijack a movement at least understand what it is”

Ignoring In Public

Bad relationship with a couple or marriage angry and sad after argument sitting on a couch at home

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“Ignoring me in front of our peers while showing interest when alone. Also, another one who showed no interest in conversations with me, as she never had anything to talk to me, not even when I’d ask about her interests and hobbies. And one who said her future husband would have to accept what she’d decide, or leave, on the first time going out as friends.”

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