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If You Are Doing Any Of These 18 Things, You Are Creepy. Stop Now!

Many of our daily actions are either socially unacceptable or downright creepy. As time goes on, we should all strive to improve our social behavior and keep up with the times. A user asked, what’s considered normal that immediately creeps you out? And here are the top picks:

1. Celebrity Worship

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“Celebrity worship, specifically paying celebrities for pictures and autographs. You’re paying someone to pretend to like you for 10 seconds.”

2. Family Video Channels

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“Family channels. Imagine having to live your entire life on camera, with little to no privacy, without being able to consent to it. Also, to my knowledge, no current laws protect child influencers’ income like child actors have. If your content can’t exist without your child, it’s their job, not yours.”

3. Open Door Policies

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“Open door policies in families. My in-laws walk in whenever they want, and I hate it.”

“My MIL took it upon herself to make a house key while my wife and I were at the hospital as she recovered from a c-section.”

4. Peer In The Window

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“When people come to your door and knock or ring the bell and peer in the window.”

5. Beauty Pageants For Young Kids

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“Beauty Pageants for young kids.”

A lot of people don’t understand and find it creepy for people to expose their children to that level of scrutiny.

6. Share Everything on Social Media

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“People who share everything on social media”

7. Caregivers on Social Media


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“Caregivers are putting their Alzheimer’s patients on social media so people will praise you for being patient. It’s just not respectful to the person with Alzheimer’s. You are stripping them of whatever dignity they have left. It’s becoming more of a trend, and it’s so disturbing.”

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8. Forcing Kids To Hug People

insecure child

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“Forcing your kids to hug people. If they don’t want to hug someone goodbye — even if there’s no reason — teach them you will have their back.”

9. Saying “Good Girl”

Friend zone concept with a man trying to kiss a woman and she rejecting him

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“I’ve had male teachers and staff call me “good girl” after doing a task for them. This is a way some men say Thankyou to girls. And it’s weird and creepy every time. A simple thanks would suffice.”

10. Prolonged Eye Contact


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“Prolonged eye contact. And by prolonged, I mean more than 10 seconds.”

11. Asking When They Plan To Have Kids

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“Asking a couple when they plan on getting pregnant, or a couple’s unsolicited sharing they are trying to get pregnant. I feel gross every time.”

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12. Yelling at Wait Staff

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“Yelling or screaming at people doing low-paying jobs… like, Jake is not in charge of pricing, so why are you giving him an earful?”

“If you yell at someone doing their job, imagine what they do when you make them mad.”

13. Talking About Jesus Christ

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“People talking about Jesus Christ like they just ran into him at the store.”

“I grew up in South Carolina. I’ve heard “God told me [specific information].” many times. And I don’t mean colloquially but straight-up, “I asked God [x], and he said [y], so I tell you now that [y] is what you should believe,” and people frigging buy it.”

14. Baby Talk

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“Baby talk, but especially in a relationship. Gives me the creeps.”

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15. Long Nails

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“Extremely long acrylic nails”

“ANY adornment of the nails disgusts me. Nails should be short and clean, period.”

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