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13 Things Men Want Every Women To Know

Men are often portrayed as complex and enigmatic beings, shrouded in mystery. However, beneath the surface lies a desire for understanding and connection, much like the desires of women.

A user asked, What do you wish more women knew about men?

1. We Don’t Get Hints

Man and woman having horrible fight while sitting on sofa. Friendship, couple breakup difficulties and problems concept.

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‘We don’t get your hints and don’t read minds. BE DIRECT’

2. You’re The ONLY Emotional Outlet

vulnerable man

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‘Women are often the only emotional outlet men have.’

3.  A Really Means A

Man with moustache showing a disgusted facial expression, studio portrait

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‘A really means A. We don’t say A and mean B C D E F.’

4. Silence Is NOT Always Tension

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‘Silence doesn’t mean tension although it can. If you can’t come up with an apparent reason he’s probably just spaced out.’

5. We Want To Feel Needed

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‘Men need not only to feel loved but appreciated and even more important needed.’

6. We Think NOTHING

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‘When asked what we are thinking about and we say nothing. It’s not it’s not a game, we mean it.’

7. We Don’t Like You

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‘Lack of physical intimacy is our way of saying we aren’t sure if we like you anymore.’

8. We Like First Moves

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‘We don’t feel “emasculated” by women who make the first move, that’s just some women projecting their own views. She thinks less of him, if she has to make the first move. You should stop listening to these women.’

9. We Have Feelings Too

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‘We have feelings too, besides sex, anger, and hungry’

10. We Don’t Share A Tonne

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‘Men don’t often have people to open up to. There’s a societal taboo about being seen as emotional or broken, although it’s slowly changing. Right now though, that person is usually the one we’re in a relationship with, the one person we feel like we can open up to. When you break that trust, when you tell your friends private things, when you judge us for a moment of weakness, it would be like if all of a sudden all of your confidants turned away from you.’

11. We Are NOT The Enemy

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‘That we aren’t the enemy. Truth be told, the way a lot of women talk about men depresses the hell out of me.’

12. We Shrink In Cold Water

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‘Our things shrink in cold water and like an earlier comment mentioned is that testosterone is a hell of a drug. It can turn you from calm and relaxed to angry and horny real quick’

13. We Don’t Just Want To Get In Your Pants

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Just because I think you’re sexy doesn’t mean the only reason I’m talking to you is to get into your pants.

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