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10 Things Men Wish Women Knew About Them (and, Find Hard To Explain)

To all the men reading this, is there something specific to your gender that you feel women just WON’T understand no matter what? If you do, here’s your chance to talk about it!

An internet user asked men, what’s the hardest thing to explain to women? The answers had us cracking up, to be honest. 

We Don’t Keep Records, We Just Live

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“When you ask me how my day was or what I did today…nothing in my day usually stands out as special, so I just don’t remember. I usually don’t remember what I do, I just live.” Said one. 

“I can 100% relate to that. My mother always asks me how school was and I have nothing to tell but if I don’t tell her anything she will keep trying to squeeze something out of me.” Another added. 


Post Nut Clarity 

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“The concept of post-nut clarity, and the related power your boner has over you.

Men, am I alone in knowing that you don’t/shouldn’t text any woman if you’re horny/jerking off?” 


We Don’t Keep Checking You Out 24/7


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“I’m seriously not checking you out every time you walk by in the office.

I turn my head for damn near everything that enters my periphery, you’re really not that special.”


It’s Not You; It’s Us


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“When we say we need time or space, that’s exactly what we need. It’s not code for “you need to try harder”.” Said one. 

“Coming in late but this. I said this to my ex because mentally I wasn’t doing the best so she thought the best thing to do would be to come to my house to cheer me up.” Another added. 


Love You To The Moon & Back


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“This will probably get lost amongst all the comments…I think it is hard to explain to my wife how much I love her and the kids. I feel like words are not enough and I work a lot but I wish my feelings could just be transferred so she understands…” Said one. 

“I know this feeling and it’s one the best to be caught up in. It’s this overwhelming mix of love, satisfaction, and contentment that is just difficult to explain.” Another added. 


We Need You To Make The First Move, Sometimes 


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“I don’t always want to be the one that initiates intimacy. It makes me feel like a creep.” Said one. 

“Man, that really resonates in my 7-year relationship. I don’t think I need more than one hand to count the number of times she initiated lovemaking. I miss the feeling of being wanted.” Another added. 


The Specifics Of The Nod Code

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“The specifics of the nod code. It’s easy to say “up if you know them; down if you don’t” but the exact meaning of the downward nod is hard to translate. It’s seeing them, acknowledging them, and saying that neither of us has any issue with each other.” Said one. 

“It’s a social construct, and it really irritates me when people don’t respond to a nod or they just completely ignore me.” Another added. 


We Can Be Best Friends & Have No Idea What’s Going On In Each Other’s Life 

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“Why I don’t know what the hell my best friend is up to in life even after hanging out with him all day.” Said one. 

“I have friends I have known for 20+ years, and I have no idea what their job is. We live in different states, but keep a group chat going on Slack. I don’t ask. My wife thinks it’s hilarious.” Another added. 


An Erection Doesn’t Always Have To Do Something With Arousal 


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“Sometimes an erection just happens. We don’t control the thing, it’s a physical response that could literally be from nothing.” Said one. 

“You can have an erection without being aroused and you can be aroused without having an erection.” Another added. 


We Can’t Read Your Minds 


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“1) That I am simply not clairvoyant.  You need to tell me what it is you really want.  

2) If you’re disappointed in something, say so. I can take it – as long as it’s not #1.” 


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