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They Spent Their Daughter’s College Fund On Their Son’s Wedding. She Asked For it, and They Called Her An A**hole. We’re Shocked.

Every culture is different. In some cultures, marriage is given utmost importance; in others, it is education, independence, and the like. But is it right to spend your daughter’s college fund on a wedding?

Redditor shared her story and wanted to know if she was wrong in suing her family for spending her college fund. We want to see from you.


The Original Poster’s (OP) great-aunt set up a savings account for all her female relatives. In OP’s culture, education for women is undervalued, and OP’s aunt thought it was stupid. 

OP’s aunt lived with her father in London, where she was educated. She went on to attend university and became a doctor. She married a British man, moved to America, and had a great life. She funded the education of as many of her grandnieces as possible.

When OP’s aunt passed away, she left money for every girl relative she could. 

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What Happened Next?

OP’s parents managed to access the accounts of OP’s sister and OP. They used it to pay for OP’s brother’s wedding, and OP’s sister didn’t care because she got married two years out of high school and had no intention of attending college.

When OP graduated, OP went to the bank to get the money for school, which was almost gone. Only $13,000 were left. 

OP asked her parents about it, and they said they needed the money. OP finally found out where the money went and got furious. She got student loans and moved out. 

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What Did OP Do?

OP is currently suing them for the money that was left for her. OP’s entire family is against her and thinks she is a complete a**hole for airing private family business in public and putting ahead of the family.

On the other hand, OP’s friends are all on OP’s side but are American and don’t really understand my culture. She adds, “Neither do I understand to be honest.” 

OP’s brother called and offered to pay for her university if she dropped the lawsuit. OP agreed as long as they had a legally binding contract. OP’s brother called her an a**hole for not trusting him. 

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OP said that he shouldn’t have accepted the money for the wedding in the first place. 

The entire feud is causing all kinds of embarrassment in our community. While OP is ashamed to be doing this, she doesn’t want to have a debt she shouldn’t have. 

Now she wants to know if she is wrong for suing her parents for my college money.

What do you think? Was it inappropriate for OP’s parents to give the money to OP’s brother for a wedding? Was it appropriate for OP to file a lawsuit and request written commitments?

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