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Family Furious As Couple Decides To Have A Wedding With Just Plan Water. Explains, “We Don’t Like Alcohol, Soda or Coffee, So It’s Water”. Think They Are Right

While weddings are significant, they are not more important than the couple’s relationship.

A user took to the forum and asked, “Am I wrong for having a dry wedding and serving only water for drinks?”  and we want to know what you think.


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The Original Poster (OP) and her husband are getting married later this year, and they plan to invite around 100-150 people to their wedding.

They have decided to pay for the wedding themselves, and OP’s grandmother has also offered to contribute financially. However, she has stated that she doesn’t have a strong opinion on spending the money and simply wants to support the couple’s big day.

What Did They Decide

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They have a lot of kids in their family, so they decided against making it child-free, but they did decide to make it dry. So there would be no alcohol of any kind at their wedding.

Why Did They Do That


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Honestly, that didn’t have anything to do with there being kids there but because OP’s fiancé and OP don’t drink. Nothing against people who do, that was just not for them, and they didn’t want to.

They Only Like Water

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On top of that, they only really drink water. They rarely, if ever, drink soda, so it was mostly only water with the occasional juice and milk. They don’t even drink coffee.

Only Water At The Wedding

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The food, which was a part OP’s grandma was not paying for, would be expensive for that many people. OP and her husband were having their wedding catered so everyone would have a good choice of food to choose from, but to drink only water will be provided.

They Don’t Want To Pay For Soda

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They don’t want to pay for alcohol or soda, which was a significant added expense when they could do filtered water for a much cheaper cost.

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What Happened Next?


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When OP’s family and friends found out about the decision to make the wedding dry, some became upset. While some were indifferent, others expressed anger and frustration, suggesting that OP should consider having an open bar to avoid paying for drinks.

What Did They Do

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Despite this, OP and her fiancé have decided against alcohol, as they do not want it at their wedding. Some have also suggested that the couple provide soda for their guests, as it would be difficult to expect everyone only to drink water. Additionally, some guests have expressed concerns that the wedding will be boring without alcohol.

OP is questioning whether she is in the wrong for having a dry wedding and not providing soda. She is unsure why it has caused such a reaction and wonders if she should pay extra to give soda to make her family happy.

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What People Think?

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This story definitely invited a lot of criticism. While everyone believed the wedding was their preference, having only water as a drink was tagged as cheap. 

“When you’re hosting an event, your job as hostess is to take care of your guests. Just because it follows a marriage ceremony doesn’t make you any less the host of an event. And that means providing more than one drink option, especially non alcoholic. Especially to an event your guests are incurring expenses to attend and bringing gifts to. You are a jerk, honestly. I fully support a dry wedding but only water as a beverage is being a cheap host.” said one.

There Are MANY Options


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“Coffee, punch, hot water dispenser and an assortment of teas, or even just some flavoring packets for the water, something! My main drink of choice is water, but this is ridiculous! You are a jerk, in case you didn’t realize OP. Not everyone likes plain water.” said another.

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