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17 Things We All Do But Also Hate

Is there something you do despite hating it because of social pressure? A netizen recently asked, “What’s something you actually don’t want to do but social norms tell you to do it anyway?”. Below are the top responses.

Being Physically At Work

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“Right?! My sales job can easily be done at home. I feel like I’m more productive on the lucky days I do get to work from the house.”

Participating In Office Politics

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“Participating in ‘office politics’. I just wanna get my work done in an efficient manner, why are you trying to sabotage me with all this irrelevant nonsense?

Just because I get along with one person, that means I’m ‘on their side’? I just don’t care.”


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“Networking. It’d be nice to get jobs on merit, but so far everyone I know (including me) has their current gig because of someone they know.”

Having To Be Nice To Elders

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“Having to be nice to older relatives, teachers, or other authority figures who treat you like dirt on their shoe. It would be nice to call them out on their nonsense.”

Facebook Birthday Wishes

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“Wish people a happy birthday on Facebook. It all seems like a big contest to show others how much you like the birthday boy/girl. Same when someone has a death in the family.”

Working 8 Hours A Day 5 Days A Week

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“Work 8 hours a day 5 days a week. I think it’s a travesty that this is the norm, but if you say you want to work less, you’re labeled as lazy. I’d be 100% fine with 4-day work weeks and 3-day weekends.”

Engage In Small Talk With Barbers

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“Engage in small talk with the person cutting my hair. Especially if there are others around and we’re the only two talking.”

Feeling Guilty For Not Doing Something ‘Productive’

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“Feeling guilty whenever I’m not doing something ‘productive’. I’m not a lazy slob because I don’t hike through the mountains or remodel my house every weekend. Relaxation is good for you. Not every spare minute has to be crammed with activity.”

Attempting To Make Conversation When There Is Silence

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“Attempt to make conversation when there is silence. I am perfectly fine with complete silence.”

Believing That ‘Family Is Always Family’

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“Social norms tell us ‘family is always family’. I don’t believe that. If they don’t deserve to be in our family, then they’re gone. I told my girlfriend this and she told me it wouldn’t matter if the uncle ill-treated his niece, he’d still be family.”

Wearing Makeup

makeup wedding

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“I’m a woman who doesn’t wear makeup. Nobody really says anything, but there have been times in my life when I felt left out or immature for not wanting to wear makeup.

As I get older, I see more women going around barefaced. I don’t know if it’s a current trend, or if older women generally wear less to no makeup, but I like it.”

Getting Up Early

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“I’m a night owl, I love staying up until 3 am or around that time and getting up late morning, between 9.30 am and 10.30 am but I feel lazy for doing that for some reason. I hate getting up early because it means going to bed early but I love nighttime.”

Having To Make Excuses For Not Going Out

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“Having to make ridiculous excuses for not going to an outing, party, or event instead of just saying ‘I don’t feel like going’.”

Unnecessary Formalities

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“The unnecessary formalities associated with being ‘professional’. The unnecessary filler talk is required before I can get to the point. My resume is filled with so much nonsense, that it transforms a 5 or 6-line matter into 1-2 pages. Lying to everyone to maintain appearances and/or peace in general.”

Be Nice To Jerky Customers

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“Be nice to customers who are jerks.”, said one.

“I can’t imagine the patience someone must have to deal with jerky customers.”, another added.

Small Talk With Random People At Gatherings

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“Small talk with people you kind of know but aren’t really friends with at social gatherings because you’ve been seated next to them at the table or whatnot. That’s awful…mostly because I’m bad at small talk but still.”&

Team Building

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“I work in a semi-corporate setting. Team building. Dear god. I do not want to do a puzzle with Connie in planning and then do a brief skit about business silos and overcoming odds or innovation or some other nonsense. It is the most uncomfortable, unproductive, cringe-worthy nonsense I’ve ever come across.”

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