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10 Popular Dating Advice That Men Follow, But Should Stop Immediately

While some dating advice can be effective, others may prove detrimental to relationships if followed blindly without considering their suitability for specific situations.

A netizen recently asked, “What’s the worst piece of dating advice men are often given?”. We’ve curated the best replies (worst advice) below.

It’ll Just Happen Naturally 

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“The whole ‘it’ll just happen naturally stop looking’ is nonsense. That only works for people that are naturally very social which generally aren’t the people that struggle getting dates.

If you aren’t putting yourself out there in mixed company frequently you are going to die alone because guess what, people can’t date someone they never spoke to.”

The ‘Ignore’ Move

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“The whole ‘I’m going to play hard to get and not text her for five days even though we hit it off and all I want to do is talk to her’ move.

As a man, it drives me nuts. She’s going to think you’re not interested and that you lack communication skills, dummy.”

Dump Her and Move On If Things Go Wrong 

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“If anything goes wrong then you just dump her and move on to the next person.

Which is stupid as hell because things always go wrong at some point.” 

Don’t Compromise

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“Don’t compromise. All relationships are a compromise. If you decide you’re dead set and unwavering on yourself or what you demand in a partner you’re going to be deeply disappointed and will probably never grow.

Healthy growth comes from adaptation and being willing to continually change over the years is highly valuable.”

Don’t take no for an answer

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” ‘Don’t take no for an answer.’ If she’s not into you, leave her alone.” 

The ‘Negging’ Strategy 

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“That negging is a strategy that works. I’ve had it happen multiple times where I was told after the guy apologized that it was something they heard works online.  Lol. 

It doesn’t work. 99% of women will not speak to you EVER again.  The 1% that do? Well TBH there’s so much damage there that you probably don’t wanna deal with lol.”

Play It Cool

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“That whole ‘play it cool, don’t be too eager, don’t respond to messages too quickly’ mind-game nonsense is bad advice.”

Be Kind To Women To Make Them Fall For You

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” ‘If you’re kind and respectful to women they’ll fall in love with you.’ This was really emphasized hard when I was younger.” 

Fight For Her Attention 

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” ‘You have to fight for her!’ Nah bruh, if you gotta fight for attention you ain’t being chosen. Ain’t no pick-me girl nonsense out here.”

Be Happy With Any Woman 

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“Just be happy with any woman that wants you. You’re ugly!!!

Was told this a lot growing up.” 

3 Day Rule

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“Heard this from an old man at a bar. 

3 day rule.

You go on a date with a girl and you hit it off. You like her and want to see her again. You go home and wait 3 days to text her and tell her you enjoyed your time and would like to do it again. 

By that time she’s already moved on.” 

Dating Is Not A Competition

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“Likely will get lost in the comments but I’ll say it anyway: ‘Dating is not a competition.’

Yes, it absolutely is. I had a guy a few weeks ago argue up and down with me here that seeing dating in competitive terms is inherently sexist because it’s not competition.

Human males, like 99% of animals in the animal kingdom, compete for a mate. I’m not saying that’s healthy or even that we should uphold those patterns, but dating is absolutely competitive at some level.

Human psychology and behavior have evolved through the centuries, but our dating habits are still based on some pretty primitive behaviors. There is a load of research to back this up.” 

Focus On One Aspect, Not All

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“To focus on one aspect but not the others. For example ‘All you have to do is get rich then all the women gonna want you’. Just misguidance because you can also improve in other areas like emotional maturity/intelligence and it will help you out big time.

The other one is ‘just talk to her’ which makes sense sometimes but also I feel like this is just used regardless of the situation and in case of abusive or unfavorable situations, it just sets the guy up for more hurt.” 

Be Yourself

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“Be yourself. Dating, like everything else in adulthood, requires you to adapt and compete. Broke? Do what you have to do to get a better job. Fat? Put down the fork.

The lesson is always the same: If you see another person who has what you want and isn’t hurting anyone to get it, emulate those habits because they work.” 

Wait Until The Right One Shows Up

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“You just have to wait and the right one will show up. Unfortunately, the onus is almost entirely on men for making the first move, so that doesn’t really work for most people. There are exceptions of course, but they aren’t common.”

Don’t Play Games

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” ‘Don’t play games’ is poor advice. I’m not saying run them through the wringer, but you’ll be better off if you don’t always text back at a moment’s notice. Communication needs to be thought out so you don’t present yourself as a lonely puppy.

Keep Trying

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” ‘Keep trying, she’ll come around.’ 

No. No, She won’t. Ever. Stop bothering this poor girl with your advances. If you wanna be friends, *be friends*. But check the romance at the door and move on.

Wish *someone* had sat me down sooner and beat that lesson into me. Would’ve saved me some embarrassment and a lot of ladies some headaches.”

Forgive And Forget

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” ‘Forgive and forget’ 

My ex cheated on me and a friend of hers told me to forgive her and forget. I forgave but didn’t forget. Eventually, she kept getting caught and for the life of me, I couldn’t just leave. I can’t explain why but my heart wanted to tell me she was the one and boy was  a fool. 

Moving on, two months ago I left her. We dated for almost five years. Fast forward I’m in a fantastic relationship where I feel actual love and she puts real effort into us and I’m in so much love with her.

My real advice is don’t forgive those big important things like cheating or not being given what you need.”

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