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10 U.S. Destinations to Avoid if You Don’t Like Long Lines, Bad Food, and Unbearable Traffic

While summer beckons travelers with its promise of adventure and relaxation, the allure of popular destinations often fades upon encountering the throngs of tourists and the cacophony of their voices.

Horrific, right? In this post, we’ve compiled the top ten popular summer destinations with the “worst crowds” in the US. So, let’s get started.

Miami, Florida


Image Credits: [email protected], Shutterstock

The sandy beaches and turquoise waters of Miami (especially the popular Miami Beach) attract more than 13 billion people worldwide every year.

But here’s the thing – if you don’t want to feel lost amongst the crowd or have access to enough space to move around, make sure you replace the famous ‘South Beach’ plans with that of any of the other 16 beaches. 

Jones Beach, New York


Image Credits: TYeu, Shutterstock

The seashores of Jones Beach, one of the most sought-after destinations on Long Island, also happens to be one of the most flocked tourist attractions of all time. So, if you want to visit some calm, serene place this summer, this one may not be an excellent idea. 

Venice Beach, California


Image Credits: MattL_Images, Shutterstock

With an influx of around 16 million people each year, the iconic and colorful Venice Beach has everything it takes to be called the hub of people-watching. You’d find everyone cramming this shorefront, from fortune tellers to random peddlers.

South Padre Island, Texas


Image Credits: Devon S, Shutterstock

Located in southern Texas, the popular resort island of South Padre tends to witness extraordinarily busy summer months for some reason. Not to mention, the extreme temperatures have people finding relief in the Surf and at Schlitterbahn Water Park most of the time. 

Ocean City, Maryland


Image Credits: Eliyahu Yosef Parypa, Shutterstock

Ocean City, a resort town in eastern Maryland, is known for the giant traction it receives during the summers. The small coastal destination of seven thousand people graciously welcomes 300,000+ tourists every year, thanks to hotspots like the Trimper’s Rides amusement park.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina


Image Credits: StacieStauffSmith Photos, Shutterstock

How many vacationers are too many vacationers? Well, Myrtle Beach has got something to say! With more than 14 million annual visitors, the place is famous for its boardwalk with a 200-foot sky wheel and for activities like gambling, golfing, shopping, etc. 



Image Credits: JJM Photography, Shutterstock

If you plan to visit Hawaii’s beaches this summer, know that you’re gonna be just another tiny speck (read human) surrounded by 200,000 others on any given day. You can still find some solace on the more secluded sores here (for example, Maui’s Secret Beach).

Anaheim, California

Portland Oregon Downtown City Skyline with Historic Hawthorne Bridge Across Willamette River at Sunset

Image Credits: Deposit Photos.

What’s with the massive summer crowd in Anaheim, California? Sure, Disneyland is one reason. But other than that, the two major sports teams and a thriving restaurant also deserve some credit there. 

Chicago, Illinois


Image Credits: elesi, Shutterstock

Everything about Chicago, the windy city, gets better during the summers. But mind you, the festivities of the Chicago Blues Festival, Gourmet Millennium Park, and Old Town Art Fair come with a price tag – huge crowds and inflated hotel expenses. 

Dallas, Texas


Image Credits: kan_khampanya, Shutterstock

A trip to Dallas, Texas, during the summers, would be incomplete without the Taste of Dallas (a famous foodie event), Addison Kaboom Town’s fireworks display, or the North Texas Fair, each of which is a major tourist obsession. So, avoiding crowds becomes next to impossible.

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