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7 Things Women Stress About That Men Couldn’t Care Less Abou

Uncover seven surprising things you might assume men care about, but in reality, they don’t. Some asked on a forum, What are things women think men care about that you guys actually don’t? Here are the top things men shared:

1. Repetition of Your Dress

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“Wearing the same dress twice.”

2. Fake Eyebrows or Fake Anything

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“Those new eyebrows. Don’t know what they’re called.”

“Nails and eyelash extensions”

“Extremely long nails. Honestly, women wear that stuff to impress other women. I have never seen a man who was more than neutral to it. A bunch of men dislike them.”

3. Makeup

makeup wedding

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“I mean, obviously, for every man, it’s subjective, but something that doesn’t matter to me in my relationship is whether my girlfriend wears makeup not; I think she’s beautiful either way.”

4. Newest Beauty Trend

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“Whatever the newest beauty trend that women are supposed to look up to.”

5. Thigh Gap

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“I’ve never once thought, “Damn, she’s cute but her thighs are touching. Guess I’m not attracted to her anymore.”

6. Hair Cuts

cut your own hair

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“Hair. Perfect example. Why do you think 95% of the time the guy doesn’t notice the new haircut. Because men don’t care as much as women.”

7. Flat Stomach

Troubled overweight woman in tight clothes at home

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“Your belly does not need to be flat as a board. Its really okay.”

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