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She Was Laid Off. He Didn’t Want To Spend On Her Girlfriend’s Food For Two Weeks, And Didn’t Want To Give Money For ‘Nothing’. We Think He Is WRONG.

Saving is important because it helps you prepare for the future and cope with unexpected expenses. But, what if you aren’t smart enough and your partner isn’t really supportive?

A Redditor asked on a popular forum, Am I wrong For Not Giving my Girlfriend Money For Nothing? We want to hear from you. 


The Original Poster (OP) is a 31-year-old male who has been working in the business sector for a little over seven years. It paid him very well, as his field (MIS/Logistics) has been growing steadily for a while now.

OP had been very particular about his finances ever since he was a teenager. He always made sure to save and invest intelligently.

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A little over a year ago, OP met his girlfriend, Sarah. Sarah was a 29-year-old incredible woman. She had been supportive and kind, and loving throughout their relationship, and OP had tried his hardest to return that same energy. But she had a huge issue come up in her field last month.

She worked in physical therapy, and her company laid her off last month. She hasn’t been smart with her money at all. OP had tried to tell her to invest, but she used to put away only about 10% of her income, and she made a significant investment in herself last year by moving into the city, so her financial situation wasn’t great.

She only has a couple thousand saved up, and she had to move out of her apartment when she got laid off due to its ridiculous rent, which was 1500$ a month.

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What She Asked OP?

She asked OP if she could move in for a bit to get back on her feet, and OP begrudgingly obliged. OP’s apartment wasn’t massive, and getting food for two was way more expensive every night.

It had been over two weeks, and she still had no job. She had a couple of interviews but had fallen through. OP inquired about her plans to secure another job, to which she responded that it would likely take some time.

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OP felt like she was taking advantage of OP. To top it all off, she asked if she could borrow 100 bucks to pay off her credit card bills from earlier in the month. OP told her he was done giving her money for free and that she needed to get a job soon because it cost him so much, keeping her in and feeding her.

She started crying and said she couldn’t believe how he was acting after how long they had been together. OP’s friends think that he went too harsh on her. OP asks,” Am I wrong?”

OP asks for your opinion on this. What would you do in this situation? Was OP right in refusing to give her money? Was it inappropriate for OP’s girlfriend to ask for help until she finds a new job?

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