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She Told Her Sister-In-Law To Grow Up, Accept Her Age and Have Kids. Thinks She Is Right!

A Redditor approached the forum and asked, “Am I wrong for telling my sister-in-law to grow and stop copying everything from Tiktok?”


The Original Poster (OP) is a 42-year-old female with a 35-year-old sister-in-law who is easily influenced, which often embarrasses OP. 

Recently, the sister-in-law had been heavily influenced by TikTok. She had adopted a five-step skincare routine and had spent significant money on questionable products. She spent hours following makeup tutorials and used to wake up at 5 am to follow a workout plan from an account she found on the app.

Her cooking was also primarily based on recipes she found on TikTok, and she frequently visited restaurants she discovered on the platform.

OP felt that her sister-in-law needed to gain more originality and that she relied too heavily on the app, which she believed was primarily designed for teenagers.

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What Happened Next?

With Easter approaching, the sister-in-law asked OP to bring a butter board recipe she had seen on TikTok. OP thought the recipe sounded ridiculous and confronted her about her behavior.

OP expressed embarrassment over the sister-in-law’s teenage-like behavior and explained that no skincare and early morning workouts could stop the aging process. OP advised her sister-in-law that it was time to accept her age and stop wasting money on unnecessary products.

OP also raised concerns about the sister-in-law’s life passing her by, that she was married and childless at 35. OP worried that the sister-in-law might regret not having children and spending too much time and money on her appearance.

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What Did SIL Say?

In response to OP’s comments, the sister-in-law refused to attend Easter and stated that she would not give up on herself just because OP had.

OP felt her sister-in-law’s remark was rude and uncalled for. Mainly because OP had two children to care for and little time to worry about wrinkles or the perfect outfit. The sister-in-law ended the conversation by hanging up.

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What Happened Next?

Following the argument with her sister-in-law, OP’s in-laws became upset and decided to host Easter at their house. The sister-in-law felt uncomfortable attending Easter at OP’s house and would instead be preparing her butter board for the gathering.

While OP’s husband agreed that his sister needed to grow up, he believed that OP should apologize and keep the peace to ensure a pleasant Easter celebration. On the other hand, OP believed that she was looking out for her sister-in-law’s best interests by encouraging her to accept her age and move on from her teenage-like behavior.

What do you think? Was OP right in making such remarks? Was SIL right in choosing not to attend the celebration?

This article originally appeared on Mrs Daaku Studio.