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She REFUSED To Share Her Grandmother’s Money With Her Stepbrother. Her Dad Makes A S*xist Remark and Family Is ANGRY But We Think She Is Right. You?

A Redditor took to the forum and asked, “Am I wrong for announcing to my prejudiced stepfather that I’ll not be sharing my college funds with my stepbrother?” 


The Original Poster (OP), an 18-year-old female, discovered a few months ago that she had been accepted into her dream school, an Ivy League institution. 

OP was elated, and her parents shared in her joy. While her family was not wealthy, her grandmother had set aside sufficient money to cover OP’s tuition, allowing her to attend college without any financial burdens.

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OP has a stepbrother named Damon, who is 19 years old. Damon had taken a gap year, but he wasn’t doing anything productive during that time. He was also attending college but has chosen a less expensive institution than OP’s Ivy League dream school. According to OP, Damon’s decision to go to college was primarily due to his father’s nagging.

Lately, OP’s parents, particularly her stepfather, have pressured her to share her college savings with Damon. However, OP was reluctant to do so because she knew that doing so could result in her incurring debt after graduation, which would ruin her carefully planned financial future post-college.

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What Happened Next?

During dinner the previous night, OP reached her breaking point when her stepfather once again discussed sharing her college funds with Damon. OP firmly declined, but her stepfather had made a “s*xist” comment, suggesting that spending so much on a girl’s education was a waste of money.

This provoked OP to yell, telling her stepfather it was not his money to decide what to do with it. She reminded him that her grandmother left the money for her college education and that her gender did not define her intelligence. However, Damon responded smugly, suggesting he was more intelligent than OP.

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She said that Damon had lied about taking a gap year when he had failed and also accepts that she might have been wrong in this.

OP’s stepfather and stepbrother stormed off after the argument, and OP’s mother had called her a jerk for her comments. OP wants to know if she is right in her stand or wrong?

Was OP right to refuse sharing her money? Was it inappropriate for OP stepfather to ask for sharing the money and then commenting on her intelligence? How would you have reacted in this situation?

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