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Woman REFUSED to Pay Friend $7000 for Her Part of The Italy Trip. Says, “That’s My Revenge”. We Think She Is Evil!

Traveling with friends can be an exciting adventure, but it can also bring unexpected challenges. Read on explore this scenario, examining the dynamics of sharing expenses and the boundaries of generosity among friends.

A user asked, Am I a jerk for making my friend pay $7,000 for my portion of our trip to Italy?


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The Original Poster (OP) has been friends with Sarah since high school. They have been through everything together, and OP considers her one of her closest friends. About a year ago, OP found out that her husband, Tom, had been cheating on her.

Sarah Told Her

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Her close friend Sarah told her one day in person with picture evidence at a local bar. It was an easy and quick divorce since they had only been together for 2.5 years in total. 

What Happened After?

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About six months after the divorce, Sarah suggested she and OP take a single-girl trip to Italy with her and that it was $7,000 per person for the whole week in June of 2023.

OP didn’t have the money then, but she covered OP and wanted OP to pay her back last week.

What Happened?

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Well turns out that for the past 5 MONTHS (as of today), Sarah has been sleeping with OP’s ex-husband Tom.

OP found out after OP’s other friend Clair told her they had kept the relationship a secret the whole time. Why she didn’t tell OP sooner? OP doesn’t know.

What Did OP Do?

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Instead of confronting Sarah, OP waited until Sarah asked OP to pay her back, and OP just told her she could take Tom!

She Didn’t Like That Answer

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She didn’t like that answer because OP KNOWs her ex-husband is a deadbeat and has no money.

Well, she told OP the majority of it is nonrefundable, like the flights that are in OP’s name, and OP told her tough luck shouldn’t have lied behind OP’s back.

What Did Others Say?

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Now half of OP’s friends are telling her to pay Sarah and do her own thing while the other half are supporting OP.

OP says, “I kinda feel bad footing her with such a bill because I know she used her credit card since she didn’t have that much cash then. Some of my friends suggested still going and still not paying her back; I have the boarding passes etc, but I don’t know if I should go that far.

Am I wrong for footing her the bill?”

Here is what others have to say:

You Are A Jerk

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“Everyone is wrong— You’re a jerk, but you’re the one she deserves. I’m glad the universe gave you this delightful opportunity.”

She Broke Your Trust

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“Not Wrong. She completely broke your trust and betrayed you. All while pretending to have your best interest at heart. I wouldn’t pay her back either. Did you agree to pay her back in writing?”

This Seems Like A Plan For A Long Time

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“Not wrong. Sarah has been deep in this from the beginning and was probably trying to poach Tom for years. Let her pay her own damn CC bills.”

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