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15 Reasons Why You’re So Stressed Out Today. Take Action Now.

An internet user asked, What are the main reasons for youth mental stress today? Below are the top responses: 



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“There’s nothing worse than being a complete outcast for everyone around. Humans NEED to feel part of a group. And when you feel excluded you lose the will to reach your goals.

What’s the point of striving for anything if wherever you end up you’re gonna be alone?” 


Being Overwhelmed By Choices And Responsibilities

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“Overwhelmed by choices and responsibilities. Back in the day, you were in your little town; maybe you made a big move to a city to get a job. That was your universe.

Nowadays, the internet shows you endless possibilities. You could become everything, you could choose a partner from all over the world, and people tell you everything is possible.

You are also seemingly responsible for everything in the world, climate change, racism, gender rights, and social security, and every single burden is put on you. That’s overwhelming, a single human cannot manage that mentally, humans never handled that much in thousands of years. And combine that with the exponential speed of change, the world never moves faster.” 


Social Media 


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“Social media is breaking people’s brains.” Said one. 

“This. I can’t imagine seeing some of the images and having the feeling of having to keep up. And the fear of someone putting me online during a vulnerable moment.  Or bullying.  I’m in my 50s and I feel odd at times about it. I can’t imagine being a teen.” Another added. 


The Whole Hustle Mentality

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“I think the world has become too fast, rarely do you have a moment to put your feet up and just relax, somebody is always expecting something from you.

Also the whole hustle mentality, I don’t want to spend all my time working and grinding, sometimes I just want to relax and do something that makes me happy.” 


The Gloomy 24-Hour News

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“24-hour news and it’s all doom and gloom. Used to have to wait for the paper and the news was on tv 2 or 3 times a day. Pick up your phone, more bad news.” 


Too Much Screen Time

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“I don’t want to sound like the old guy, but too much screen time. I’m guilty of it too.

Engaging with folks around you, being out in nature, and just unplugging for an extended period of time can do wonders for mental health. Instead, we fill in the chill gaps with more junk.” 


Too Many Expectations From Everyone 

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“No future, always being told you should have this that the other by such an age, not being able to have our own homes, everyone always expecting something from you and never really getting to rest and switch off.” 


Lesser Opportunities To Make Real-Life Friends 

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“For youth, specifically I think it’s mostly a function of there being less opportunities to make friends. With fewer shared spaces and fewer real-life communal activities, everything is mediated through your smartphone.  It’s isolating.” 


The New Cost Of Living

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“I think there’s a sense of hopelessness for them because of the new cost of living. The thought of being independent seems so far away for them.” 


Trying To Catch Up With The Fast Pace Of The World

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“Can’t keep up anymore.

Things change so much that it makes it hard to catch up, to begin with. So really the term “every inch counts” applies in one way. Backtracking my life to examine myself and become a better man (no dad growing up) has taken up so much time that I’m miles behind most people my age. I feel at times I’ll never catch up. Things are going too fast it seems.” 


Having No Value As An Individual

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“The simple fact that society is going nowhere and we’re all getting played by capitalism turned into corporatism.” Said one. 

“Came here looking for this. I as an individual have no value. Corporations raking up billions, if not trillions of dollars at this point, have complete control over every aspect of our life, and being a “simple person” isn’t a thing anymore. Anything enjoyable eventually goes away, because the people who made it fun left, and the people in charge now only care about money.” Another added. 


Eating Garbage Food

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“Stuffing themselves with garbage food.” Said one. 

“Why is no one saying this? Almost everyone and even the dogs are obese.” Another added. 


Schools Turning Into Businesses, Lack Of Mental Healthfulness, And Poor Parenting 

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“School for school’s sake. Schools in the u.k, at least, have become businesses and exam factories. 

Lots of mental health awareness but not much mental healthfulness. Many young people are very literate in mental health labels and concepts but lack knowledge of how to stay and remain mentally healthy. Parents especially lack knowledge of how to maintain health but not too tight boundaries.

Poor parenting. Many parents across the world are feeling the strain themselves. Many are having children without much thought about whether they’re ready or capable of raising a child.” 


The Decision Makers Being The Age Of A Fossil

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“The fact that the people in charge making all the decisions for the public is the age of a fossil, and we might not be able to experience a full life because of it, or the fact that big corporations put the dollar before the customer and it just damages the general public in terms of finances and health.” 


Technology Being Both A Gift And A Curse


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“Technology is a gift and a curse. I’d give up our fancy phones, AI, automation (specifically the email spam and cold call kind), the selling of my information, and always being connected in a heartbeat. 

Why don’t I give it up? The job requires it, I use it as an escape from itself, it’s expected of me, etc.” 


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