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16 Things That Ruin the Android Experience Completely

Do you prefer Android or iOS? Android critics, what are your biggest complaints? An internet user asked, “Why do some people hate Android so much?”. Here are the best responses!

Android Gives You Too Much Freedom

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“My take is that people hate Android because Android gives you the freedom to mess up your phone. Apple restricts you so much you really can’t brick the hardware or mess it up.

Android lets you do what you want mostly and people don’t use their devices with device efficiency in mind.

They clog up and wreck their phones just like they do to computers they bring to Geek Squad to get robbed to clean them up.

Also, back in the day I firmly believe the Android experience was almost fully dependent on the quality of the hardware but that seems less true these days.”

The ‘Status Symbol’ Issue


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“Honestly, some of it is a class/economic issue. iPhones are expensive, while you can get an Android phone for $50. A lot of iPhone users see phones as status symbols.”

Google And Its Attempt To Invade Your Privacy


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“For me, it is Google and their attempt to weasel their way into my personal information and bank account. I had to disable so many features on my Android phone because of this and there is a lot of badly written software to be found on that platform, which is also more hacked than Apple.

The phone is functional but I do wonder if having an Apple iOS would be better.”

The Technology Difference

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“I have both an Apple and Android. The Android is for work purposes, basically a burner phone without the drugs and cheating scandals on there. The only reason I prefer iPhones to Androids is the technology.

Whenever I touch an Android I still feel like I’m back in the late 2000s, which is when my first few phones were Android. Nothing has changed. The apps are the same and lacking, it’s slow and lagging, and the voicemail system annoys the hell out of me. I’m used to iPhones, rather easy tech, yet it took me a while to figure out why their so many different buttons on the phone and what they are for.

I did buy a cheap Android, not an expensive one so it might account for why it’s slow and lagging. However, it’s up to date on whatever system Android uses, so not sure why it’s like that. If anything I feel like Android is just as dodgy as iPhones, making older models go slow on purpose so you end up buying a new one, regardless if the tech is up to date.

The only thing I like about my Android phone is it stays charged for a long time even when I’m not using it. Again it’s not my active phone, so I wouldn’t know if the battery drains faster if it’s being used other than for phone calls and messages. I don’t understand why people actively hate one or the other.

As others have mentioned above, it depends on what you need the phone for. I don’t hate Android since I don’t know the new tech it has, I’m hoping it’s just as good, if not better than the iPhone. All my things are on Apple, I’m not transferring half of my life over to Google, apple has me lol.”

Battery Life And Efficiency


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“I have had pixels for years now, and after years of poor battery life, screen freezing, and crashing, I traded my google pixel 7 Pro, for an iPhone 14 pro max a few days ago. This thing has an AMAZING battery life, everything is fluid and smooth and is perfectly optimized. I feel like I should’ve made the switch years ago.”

Android’s Software Design Is Blah

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“Android is more difficult to use, and I don’t like the software design. But a large part is also the hardware design and longevity, and how well everything in the ecosystem works together. For that I prefer Apple.

To use a car analogy, Android is like Honda, it’s…fine. But Apple is like Porsche, it costs more but you get what you pay for. No hate on the Honda (Android) people, just not my cup of tea.”

The Quality And Convenience

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“I don’t hate Android, I just prefer Apple. For me, it’s the quality of the phone itself and the simplicity of using an iPhone. I could learn to use an android but I’m so used to iPhones that using one is kind of second nature.”

Androids Being Non-Secure

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“I don’t hate it nor love it. I use both Android and iOS. iOS is far more secure than Android and has some nice features especially when you use other Apple products. That being said, Android is also nice. It really depends on what you do with either.”

Androids Aren’t User-Friendly

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“I don’t like androids because I don’t find them to be very user-friendly. Every Android I’ve had has been such a pain to me and I’ve hated using them. I admit I need simple technology because I’m not good at learning new tech, as much as I wish I could be and try to be, I don’t get it.

Android has many great features I couldn’t use so I’ve always found Apple phones much easier to use. Androids are also so big. I prefer small phones and currently have the mini because it’s the smaller one they have. Android users always say it feels tiny in their hands lol. But I don’t care what phone others have and never make fun of them for having Androids.”

The Android OS Is Awful

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“I just hate the Android OS, both my parents have Android smartphones- Samsung Galaxy I believe- and I’ve always found them really confusing and non-intuitive to use.

Also, I use Apple products for work so it’s convenient to be able to airdrop or cloud share all my files directly between my computer/phone/tablet.”

The UI Issue

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“For me, it’s a user interface issue. My first smartphone was an iPhone, so I got used to the interface on it.

I’m on my second phone, which is an Android. I’m still learning the interface on it, so I’m not as good with it yet.”

Bloatware+Preinstalled Apps

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“I dislike the bloatware+preinstalled apps that can’t be deleted, and how quickly outdated the phones become. Also not a big fan of Google accounts.

Apps tend to be better optimized for iPhones too simply because of less variety of hardware options. I don’t HATE androids though, it’s silly to hold strong opinions about something that I can just choose not to use.”

They Become Unusable After A Year Or So

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“I had androids for years. And during that time, my boy had an iPhone 4. In the 6 years, he had his iPhone, we HAD to get new Androids because they would just become unusable after a year and a half or so… factory reset did no good. They’d slow to a crawl and drop connections every few seconds. Unusable!

I switched to an iPhone 8 Plus and am still able to use it to this day. That is why I’m an iPhone supporter. I refuse to pay $500 per year just for the privilege of owning a phone. I want a phone, that once paid for, continues to work until I’m ready for a new one.

I realize that my current iPhone will no longer be supported come October or so, but I got several years out of this one and buy another then.”

Complicated And Unsafe

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“I look at it as Apple users are those who want a high quality yet simple and safe product to use. Android users are either people who are super cheap or some nerds who like to point out all the cool stuff they can do with their phone but don’t actually do any of that.”

Bit Clunkier And Hard To Follow

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“41m who’s had iPhones for the better part of the last decade. iPhones are much more simple to use imo, I have an Android for work and it’s just a bit clunkier but that’s because I’ve been using an iPhone forever so I know exactly how to do what I want it to do.

Figuring out how to take a screenshot or screen record are two things that I had to google to see how to do it on my Android.”

Poor Regulations

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“Regulations for Android are poor. You’ve got tons of manufacturers and carriers all trying to do their own thing. Carriers load a metric ton of crappy bloatware onto them from the factory. The apps are crappier and viruses for Android are abundant.

You can have two Androids and have compatibility issues because they’re different manufacturers. Apple just works. It’s a cleaner, smoother design. The integration and compatibility across Apple products is bar none.”

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