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14 Hobbies So Weird That It Will Make You Say “Huh?”

While conventional hobbies like gardening, sewing, crocheting, and sports hold widespread appeal, a plethora of unconventional pursuits offer unique experiences and fulfillment to those who embrace them.

Here are a few weird and quirky hobbies – 

1. Cemeteries

4. cemetry

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“I like cemeteries. I’ve always found them super interesting, and I like searching for old family plots from the 1800s and such.”

“Me too. I like checking out the interesting headstones, plus they’re very quiet, peaceful places.”

2. Making Miniatures

Miniature business team having a coffee break

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“I make miniatures. I have a 30+ building Victorian village with a tavern, inn, pub, lawyer’s office, orphanage, tea room, jewelers, blacksmith, a haunted swamp, a dungeon, a fairy forest, a castle, and a lot more.

I started it in 2019, and it’s still going!”

3. Weaving

Hill tribe women were sitting weaving.

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“Weaving on a floor loom like it’s 1700”

4. Restoring

hands of restorer working with antique decor element

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“Right now, I am restoring several vintage gumball machines manufactured in Chicago. They are already bringing in cash flow.”

“Restoring old arcades, claw games, gumball machines, pinball games, etc., brings in some serious money; you should try and do a whole business out of it. Might be some traveling though.”

5. Autocross

1. autocross

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“Driving a car as hard as possible at relatively low speeds (<50 MPH) through many traffic cones. Trying to get the best time through the given course. It’s called “autocross,” and it’s a lot of fun!”

6. Collect Miniatures

Colosseo in park of miniature, Rimini, Italy

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“I collect miniatures of famous landmarks from around the world.”

7. Social Psychology

Photo of astonished lady wear violet trendy clothes impressed good news win lottery omg how it possible isolated on pink color background.

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“Social psychology and anthropology.

I like observing the current pulse of a nation by following its areas of interest and reading through its comments on social media. I also like to understand why history happened the way it did. What was going on in the minds of people who made important decisions? My favorite book is Sapiens and Horse, The Wheel and the Language.”

8. Reddit

hispanic pretty woman open-mouthed and amazed, shocked and astonished with an unbelievable surprise

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“I go on Reddit”

9. Eating Pen Caps

Closeup portrait of serious, displeased, annoyed young woman, grimacing at gray studio background. Negative human emotion

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Yes, there are people with a hobby of eating pen caps.

10. Crime Scenes

9. crime scene

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“Analyzing crime cases, I like trying to figure out how a killer failed in getting caught, or learning about the victims, because I want to know more about them than just their death. I also collect dolls, I love specifically porcelain dolls, I have one from the early 1900s from my great aunt, and it has a music box, it’s so pretty”

11. Skipping Stones

Young man Hiking in in the mountains. Besseggen Ridge. Yotunheimen national park. Norway

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“Skipping stones, I like to hike and travel a lot, and it is the first thing I do when I come to a large lake with a stone beach.”

12. Beer Money Sites

Portrait of nice sweet tender attractive adorable straight-haired girl wearing yellow sunglasses, opened mouth, covering half of face with fan of 100 usd, isolated over bright vivid blue background

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“I’m pretty obsessed with “beer money” sites. So most of my free time is spent on those trying to make an extra dollar!”

13. Shrimp keeping

young pretty woman looking angry, annoyed and frustrated screaming wtf or what’s wrong with you

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Some people are into shrimp keeping as a hobby.

14. Collect G.I. Joes

Adelaide, Australia - July 29, 2015: A Duke GI Joe Combat Heroes Action Figure. Merchandise from the GI Joe universe are highly sought after collectables.

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“I collect 3 3/4 G.I. Joes from the 80s and early 90s. Easy to fix with o rings.”

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