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15 People Share Why New York City is Not As Popular As It Was. Do You Agree?

New York City has long been one of the most popular places to visit and live in the US, but is it still? A netizen recently asked, “Why is NYC not as popular as it was in the early 2000’s?

I’m a non-US citizen living outside of the US and since I was a teenager, NYC was really popular, like anyone wanted to go there on vacation. Now, I barely hear anything about the city.

Do you know if this is generalized worldwide? Why did this happen?”

Back Then, It Was Very Movie And Film Production Friendly

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“I think you’re really asking why there are fewer TV shows set there right now.

I haven’t thought about that, but when I lived there in the early 2000’s, NYC was known for being very movie and film-production friendly. Maybe that’s changed, I have no idea.”

That Was Just A Spotlight Era

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“I think what you’re describing was just a specific moment where NYC was in the spotlight for tourism. Like you know how maybe 2-5 years ago Dubai was really popular to visit (IDK if it still is)? If what you’re describing is a real thing I’d think that’s why.”

It’s Still Popular, But There Are Lots Of Options These Days

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“It’s still the most visited place in the US – by both domestic and international visitors. It’s still popular and the safest large city in the US.

There’s just lots of pretty cool places to go and with the internet, you get to see them all.”

Not A Destination Goal For Everyone

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“New York City has been a very popular place to live and visit for the existence of New York City.

There was a period of time (the 70’s/80’s) when it was not as popular or a tourist destination, but by the mid-90’s that changed and it continued to increase in popularity.

That does not mean it’s a destination goal for everyone.”


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“No idea if it’s worldwide, but for me it’s over-saturation. Media companies being based in LA and NYC seem to mean that those are the only two cities that exist. Gets pretty old to only have two cities exist.”

It’s An Ever-Continuing Cycle

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“It goes in cycles. In the early 90’s NYC wasn’t viewed well because of their high crime rate. Now it’s the cost of living. Eventually, people will leave, prices will come down and it will become popular again.”

The Aftershocks Of COVID

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“At the moment, we are still seeing the aftershocks of COVID. There are still a large number of people who are feeling the city for various reasons. Some are medical, some are leaving for more space, some are simply being priced out, and some are political. But the city itself is still a major economic and culture center in the US.”

Other Cities And States Offering Bonuses And Other Kickbacks For The Film Industry

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“I believe this actually has to do with cities and states offering bonuses and other kickbacks for filming in the city/state in the hopes of drawing more people to them.

NYC was doing this to rehabilitate its image from the ‘crime-ridden city’ of the previous decade. Florida used to do this for a while as well, with many movies and shows taking place there, ‘Bad Boys’, ‘Burn Notice’, and ‘Miami Vice’ remake to name a few.

Once the cities are overused the studios move on to a new city to focus on. So you’re probably seeing less of a media focus on New York City lately since movies and shows have focused elsewhere currently.”

The Economy

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“The economy. NYC wasn’t more *popular* in the early 2000’s; it was more *possible*. Boomers were able to afford to pay their kids’ rent when they sent them off to the city. Now, millennials can’t really do that for theirs.

Also, is it possible that you’re just getting older? I’ve noticed that as I’ve aged, the travel destinations of the people around me have changed quite a bit. Less hustle, curiosity and adventure, and more necessary relaxation. That’s my two cents.”

It Has Become Much More Generic

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“It has become much more generic with chain retailers taking over and all of the mom-and-pop shops being pushed out with rising rents. I loved it there for 10 years back in the 90’s.”

It’s Too Expensive For Everybody

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“It’s too expensive for everybody except for the super-rich. I really wish I could afford to live in NYC, but because of the ridiculously high COL, I’m pretty much forced to move south once I move out.”

It’s Due To The Rise In Internet Culture

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“I personally do not think so. I think part of that is due to the rise in internet culture. You no longer need city life to stay engaged/stimulated. Of course, Covid has also shifted a lot of things around, drastically.”

The Crime Rate Has Skyrocketed

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“Because the crime rate has skyrocketed since Rudy Giuliani left in 2001. Not saying he was perfect by ANY means but the city has gone DOWN hill since then.”

It’s No Longer Electrifying

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“I loved NY in 1990 on my first visit. I was bitterly disappointed in 2017 on my second visit. Much prefer Chicago.

1990 NY was real. It was perfect. It was electrifying- didn’t feel any of that in 2017.

I don’t plan to go back. Heaps of other cities to see that command repeat visits on my limited resources.”

It’s Gross, Crowded, And Expensive

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“It’s still popular, but I can see why someone would say it’s lost whatever charm it had in the past. IMO it’s gross, crowded, and expensive. The people are pretty rude in general, there’s garbage everywhere, the smell can be oppressive, especially in the summer, there’s tons of traffic, and very little to do without having to spend lots of money.

I’m a bit biased because I’m from Upstate, but I’ve only been to the big city 2 or 3 times and would happily never go back.”

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