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15 Overhyped Destinations That Will Make You Feel Like You’ve Been Scammed

In the realm of travel, there exist destinations that have become synonymous with the allure of exploration and cultural immersion. However, beneath the veneer of hype and popularity, some of these iconic landmarks and cities may not live up to the expectations they set.

A user asked the forum, “What’s the most overrated tourist destination?”. Look at the top responses below.


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“Times Square, New Year’s Eve.

I can’t believe people travel there just to stand around, doing nothing for hours, while doing crazy stuff themselves around strangers. I much prefer watching it on TV myself in the comfort of my own home.”


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“Hollywood, specifically the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It’s just a bunch a celebrities’ names on the ground.”


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“Niagara Falls (US side). The place is a drug-infested dump. (Full disclosure: my home town. I know from where I speak.)”


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“Dubai – a hotter version of Las Vegas but no soul.”


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“Myrtle Beach. Jealous I never went as a kid because all my friends went every year.

I went two years ago, and holy hell, talk about a redneck dump hole. Redneck Riviera, for sure

Spend more money to go to Hilton Head.”


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“Cairo – the pyramids of Giza. Totally ruined by the ruthless begging and swindling and rubbish.”


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“Branson, MO. There are several tourist traps, but the worst part is it can take 20 minutes to go three blocks. There was a lady with a walker that made more progress down the street than the traffic did.

I don’t like picking on Florida Man, but it seemed every major intersection took longer because the senior citizen with an FL license plate was trying to do something incorrectly. It’s both a family destination and a senior destination, and both groups are at extreme odds with each other.”


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“Los Angeles as a whole is pretty dirty and underwhelming. The upsides are the food of any variety.

I live in LA. People picture beaches, sun, and Disneyland.

It is mostly homelessness, trash, and stuck-up people with the worst public transit system for such a large city.”


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“Benidorm. I mean, damn, there are so many better places in Spain. Unless what your looking for is fellow Brits to complain about Spanish people with, of course.”


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“Pigeon Forge, TN. It’s mostly just one long road with an offshoot that leads to Dolly Parton’s theme park. Lots of chain restaurants, goofy tourist trap things like a crime museum. I recommend just passing through Pigeon Forge and going to Gatlinburg instead.”



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“The Trevi fountain in Rome. It is beautiful but always so crowded and hot. You can’t enjoy it at all.”


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“Stonehenge – it’s some rocks that you are not allowed anywhere near.”


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“Cancún, México. Some beaches are Beautiful, and resorts are fancy, but you can find cheaper alternatives with less crowded and polluted beaches in the Yucatan peninsula.”


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“The Kasbar. Believe it or not, we were taken there as part of a high school European trip. We were repeatedly warned about being kidnapped into white slavery, and two attempts were made.

We were constantly harassed by beggars. Four of the students were robbed. It’s so crowded you can’t get into the shops anyway.”


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“India as a whole. Yes, there are some beautiful places there, but there are just so many people there at the exact same time as you. It’s hard to even get a look at the destinations.”


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“Disney World. Jesus Christ. One of the most expensive, crowded amusement parks in the world, and like, two of the rides are actually good.”

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