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Riches Roulette: 16 Secretive Routes to Bagging Six Figures, Stealth Mode

Achieving a six-figure income is within your grasp, even if you deviate from the conventional route. Numerous paths can lead you to your financial objectives.

A user asked what do you do that you earn six figures? And here are the top picks (a lot of them are unchartered territories): 

1. Air Conditioner Expert

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“I fix broken air conditioners. But the ones for high-rise buildings and hospitals.” said one. 

“My cousin also does this. I lived in the states for 30 years, then moved to Australia. After a few months in Australia, still doing the same sort of job, he got a contract to work on AC units on the US Navy and airforce ships that are located at the military base in Australia. 

Only American citizens are allowed access to certain parts of the ships that are needed to get to the AC units. Meaning he is 1 of a handful of people who are certified to repair them. That contract is huge money” another added.

2. High-Voltage Powerline Expert

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Becoming a high-voltage powerline construction and repair expert is a challenging and specialized career path that can lead to significant financial rewards, with six-figure incomes common in this field.

“I build and fix powerlines and play with high voltage electricity.” said one.

“My spouse is a lineman, well, troubleshooter now. He has made up to 250k with overtime. I thought he was crazy when he skipped out on college, but so far, it’s been the best decision of our lives.” shared another. 

3. IT Professional, Not An Engineer

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As technology becomes increasingly vital to modern business, skilled IT professionals with expertise in in-demand areas such as AWS Cloud can command high salaries, with six-figure incomes being common in this field.

“IT. Not a coder, and my degree is totally unrelated. I just keep getting certifications for the hot technology. AWS Cloud currently.” a user said.

“Took me a while but finally made it to six digits in IT management. Plenty of IT paths that can get you there though.” another added.

4. Real Estate Broker

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“I’m an real estate Broker with a lot of friends in banking. Look for a state with low cost of living with booming urban areas, TN & TX for example. If you don’t have a finance background or experience you can always start as a loan processor and work your way to a mortgage lender pretty quickly.

If you take that route you could realistically hit 6 figures within 5yrs. In my area, it is nothing for lenders to bring home $150k-$200k and a handful doing 3-4x that amount. The Real Estate industry has unlimited earning potential if you’re willing to work for it.” a Redditor said.

 5. Estimator For Construction

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“This is a highly in-demand field. There are at least 5 construction firms in my area that cannot find people to replace the retirees.” a user added.

“I’m in project management in construction and I know a lot of estimators who make a whole lot more than I do.” said another.

6. Rural Dentistry

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“First-year dentist in a rural area. $285k+. Someone hit the nail on the head; do a job no one else wants to and do it where very few people want to be. Retire early and enjoy the second half of your life.” a user said.

7. Scrum Master

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“Highly recommend. Easy certification, in demand in the software field, does not require technical knowledge. I’ve been making six figures since I was 23 with this job.” said one.

8. Auditor

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“I basically review access for a global hospitality company of 20k employees. That is it. I get user lists to applications and ask managers if access is appropriate. I am literally the only person in the company who know how to do my job accurately to pass audits with no failures.” a user said.

9. Recruiter

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“Recruiting… hiring Software Developers. I worked for a big tech company that paid well and I made 6 figures in a mid-level role. Lots of tech companies are hiring (and specifically targeting) remote workers outside of big tech hubs. Definitely recommend looking into west coast/big city tech companies.” a user said.

10. Data Analyst

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“Data Analyst. Spend most my day playing video games. Anything “data” related is the ticket right now.” said one.

“I’m in Data Strategy as a product owner of data integration software and I run data change management for our company. Data, Data, Data. I make $168k and I’m mid-level.” another added.

11. Traveling Nurse


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“I know a traveling nurse that made 150k last year” said one. 

“I am an ICU nurse, very wide range or income though and difficulty. A friend left my job where I can make x-amount of money to do travel nursing that can make 1x-4x depending on how many contracts he does (less contracts = more months off) and if covid surge pay is happening” said one. 

12. Automotive Collison Repair

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“I have been in the industry for almost 15 years, did 2 years of trade school and was working in the industry in my first few months of school.

There’s multiple positions that make over $100k both in the shop and in the office and there is tons of related, off-shoot positions that pay well also. PDR techs make great money for example. Usually takes about 2 years of really hard work to get anywhere but if you work hard and can treat people around you with respect you can be make a good living without a degree after that. Highly recommend” said one. 

“Highly under looked career path. My father owns a collision shop. Pulls at minimum 200k+ a year with no degree purely by hard work. Has multiple employees that make almost 100k a year.” shared another. 

13. Hair Dresser

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“Wife is a 6 figure hairdresser.” said one. 

“Going in to my 14th year behind the chair, my 5th as an independent contractor, 6 figures, and I make my own schedule.” shared another.

14. Patent Examiner

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There are patent examiners who making over $100k a year. 

15. Air Traffic Controller

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“Air Traffic Controller, need high school diploma + 3 or 4 years work experience or bachelors degree, requires ability to do basic math on the fly, calm demeanor, once certified en route center ~$125,000 end career around $200,000 after differentials/OT (OT not required). Been doing it 12 years, best job ever.” said one.

16. Mortgage Underwriter

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“Mortgage Underwriter. If you work your ass off and are detailed oriented you can earn 750k plus without a college degree.” said one. 

We hope you enjoyed this slideshow. Do you want to add anything to the list?

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