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13 Signs You’re a Money Management Disaster

From buying bottled water to leasing cars, overspending on food, and more, there are lot of everyday habits that can take a toll on one’sone’s finances and overall well-being.

A user asked what are some things your “non-frugal” friends do that drive you crazy? and here are the top picks:

1. Throwing Away Restaurant Leftovers 

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“My non-frugal friends throw away leftovers from a restaurant, which drives me crazy.” said one.

“Or leftovers from cooking at home. Like after Thanksgiving, throwing away Half the turkey because, meh, I don’tdon’t feel like eating turkey twice.” another added.

“That makes me physically cringe.” another shared.

2. Food Delivery Service Over Pick-Ups and Need For Brands

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“My old roommate would immediately spend any money he got on UberEATS or the same type of service. He has a Prius and rarely needs gas but insists that UberEATS is a good deal.

Also, he is unwaveringly adamant that he 100% Needs name brand products. Our shopping list is usually the same, but he is always way higher because he won’t buy store brand, even though in a blind taste test he preferred the store brand of butter, cola, ham, cheese and bread.” a user shared. 

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3. Habit Of Replacing Clothes Instead Of Washing Them

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“Old roommate would buy new clothes instead of washing them.

She came from poverty. She got a decent job and had more money than she did growing up, but she spent every penny before the week was up. And her dirty clothes just piled on her floor until she moved and threw them all away.” shared one.

4. Daily Food Delivery Services Despite Home-Cooked Meals


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“My brother, who still lives at home, gets door dash for dinner every night. My mom cooks these great meals, but he refuses to eat them.” said one.

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5. Impulse Buys And Unused Gym Memberships

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“My sister, who can’t afford groceries some months, decided to buy a Pelaton on a whim because she was stressed out and wanted to practice “self-care.” She’s used it, I kid you not, 4 times in the year she’s owned it. She also still has the monthly membership.” shared one.

6. Throwing Away Expensive Soap

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“Throw away half a body soap bar, and that friend also buys soap for $5-10. I understand that not everyone uses tiny soap slivers, but the amount this friend tosses is as significant or more extensive than those bars of soap hotels give you.” a user said.

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7. Ordering More Than You Can Chew

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“As a waitress, I see some people that order far too much food at a restaurant. I mean getting several appetizers, extra side dishes, multiple entrees, and desserts. When they finished eating, certain dishes hadn’t been touched. I would understand if they ate it all or brought it home as leftovers. However, some don’t want a take-out box, and we throw away enough food for two people.

For context, I work at a relatively cheap restaurant. Dinner with a meat portion, like country fried steak, comes with three sides and a roll and costs about eight bucks. You can quickly get away with spending less than 10 dollars on a meal while others can spend 25-40$. I don’t understand how someone could waste that much money.” said one.

8. The Expensive Habit Of Leasing Cars

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“My brother leases cars. He doesn’t make a ton of money either and has a decent amount of debt. It’s hard for me to wrap my head around because I’ve never owned one new car, so the idea of a new car every 3-4 years seems like madness.” a Redditor said.

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9. Buying Bottled Water Despite Access To Safe And Free Tap Water

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“Buying bottled water – my sister used to have terrible tasting well water but has since moved away from that place. She still buys bottled water and buys bottled water when she comes to visit here, despite ours not having a particular taste (she admits this) nor it being unsafe. I keep at least trying to get her to refill a bottle from the tap once she drinks the first bottle. Yes, it drives me crazy!!” said one.

10. Expensive Habit Of Pre-Packaged Meals And Snacks

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“My ex would practically only eat something if it came., and in wrapper or box. So, like no fresh food. He could do well when he put his mind to it.

What bugged me about that was that processed food, cereal, TV dinner-type snacks, etc., are much more expensive. If I didn’t keep the fridge and freezer stocked with all that, he’d freak out because we had ”no food.” Our grocery bill was so high.” shared one.

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11. Instant Gratification And Overspending

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“I know many people who spend their paycheck the day it hits their account. Like, they are only satisfied if they have spent it ALL.

Grown adults go to the mall and buy whatever they see until they’re out of money. Most of them with this habit are in their mid to late 20s and living with their parents.” said one.

12. Wastefulness And Impulsive Convenience

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“Went camping with a couple of my husband’s friends. The one works at the bank, and he bought several cooking utensils for the trip from the Dollar Store. After the two-day stay, buddy throws out all of the utensils and food he brought along because he didn’t feel like packing it the half hour home.” shared one.

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13. Paying For Unnecessary Premium Streaming Services

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“My mom’smom’s boyfriend pays for an expensive streaming service to watch soccer games in 4k while he could watch them in HD for free. I don’t even see a difference between 4k and HD on his relatively small TV.” said one.

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