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Money-Saving Magic: 10 Clever Life Hacks You Need to Try Today

From finding the best deals online to learning how to make your own cleaning products, life hacks can help you save money. Here are some practical tips that have saved Redditors a ton of cash over the years.

1. YouTube: The Ultimate DIY Resource

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YouTube is an incredible source of information for all types of DIY projects, including vehicle repairs. It can save you time and money, allowing you to fix things yourself.

“There is a YouTube video for everything. I have fixed my own and my wife’s vehicles countless times by just looking it up on YouTube.” said one.

“My whole life is held together by YouTube tutorials.” another added.


2. Maximizing Savings with Library Resources

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Libraries are an excellent resource for free entertainment and learning materials, including books, CDs, DVDs, and even audiobooks. Utilizing these resources can help you save money and maximize your budget.

“Use the library for books, CDs, DVDs, and now audiobooks.” a user added.

“ Ask your librarians what services they provide, it’s always way more than you think!! Many have notaries working, tax forms and classes, access to huge online resources, local entertainment and museum passes, free tutoring, mine has a 3d printer!” said another.


3. Per Kg Price


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When shopping for groceries, make sure to check the per kg price instead of the displayed price. The per kg price will give you a better idea of the true value of the product and can help you save money in the long run.

“Check the per kg price instead of the displayed price. The per kg price is the real price.” said one.

“I was buying some Windex and saw the value pack of two bottles and was about to buy it when I saw it was nearly a dollar more expensive than buying two individual bottles. How does that even happen?!” another added.


4. Smart Budgeting

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Taking control of your finances through smart budgeting can help you save money, pay off debts, and achieve your financial goals. It’s never too late to start managing your money more effectively.

“I sit down every Sunday and put all I’ve spent money on into an excel sheet, it has helped me manage/plan debt, cut costs (phone bill, insurance, bank) and stop bad habits (ordering food). “ said one.

“My wife and I started using a google form and spreadsheet to track every penny we spent and saw how much we wasted eating out, on services, etc. knowing is half the battle.” a user added.


5. Cooking and Drinking at Home


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Cooking and drinking at home is an effective way to save money. Instead of eating out or buying expensive drinks at restaurants, you can enjoy similar meals and drinks at home for a fraction of the cost.

“Stopped eating out in 2020 and developed my cooking methods; the family loves it. Family of four with the 2 adults consuming 2 “adult” drinks + tip was well over $100. Twice a week that’s $800 a month which is more than what our grocery bill totals per month.” a Redditor said.

“Only or mostly drinking your alcohol at home is a massive money saver. Go out and spend $15-$20 on a couple of drinks or have the same (or similar) drinks for $1-$2 at home.” said another.


6. Brew Your Own Coffee

brew coffee

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Making coffee at home can be a significant money-saving hack. Instead of buying expensive coffee from shops, brewing your own coffee can save you money and also allow you to customize your drink to your liking.

“Seriously, I went to Starbucks on a whim the other day and my drink was $7. I’m with the boomers on this.” a user said

“I learned you can heat milk in the microwave in a glass jar, put a lid on, then shake it up and it’ll form something resembling frothed milk for coffee.” another added.


7. Drinking Water

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Drinking water is a cost-effective and healthy alternative to sugary drinks or alcohol. It is free, easily accessible, and can help you save money in the long run by reducing your spending on expensive beverages.

“Drinking water has saved me so much money! Not only is it better for your body, but you’d be surprised how quickly the cost of a soda adds up over time.” said one.

“Not just soda but also booze, coffee, smoothies, cocaine water, juice, etc.” said another.


8. Maximizing Credit Card Rewards

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Using credit cards that offer cash back is a great way to maximize your spending and earn rewards. Paying off balances every month can also help you avoid high-interest charges and make the most of your points.

“Use credit cards that offer cash back and pay off balances every month so that you are not getting charged interest and are able to occasionally cash in on the points.” a Redditor said.

“I use credit cards for all possible purchases for personal and business, pay them off in full which is key, and get between 3k and 5k in annual rewards for a decade+ with the added perk of building stellar credit. Def have 6-7 cards that are used for certain things, to maximize rewards.” said another.


9. Budget-Friendly Meal Planning and Prep

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Plan meals ahead, make a grocery list, buy in bulk, opt for seasonal produce, prep ingredients in advance, use leftovers creatively, and cook simple, nutritious meals. This can help you save money.

“Creating a list of meals every Sunday for the week. I love to cook every night, it’s part of my family’s wind-down routine, so I don’t like cooking everything in advance. However, prepping for meals has allowed me to feed my family of 4 for about $200/wk with 3 healthy meals a day plus snacks and desserts. Also, take advantage of the coupon list at your local grocery store!” a user added.


10. Declutter and Earn

Donating Decluttering And Cleaning Up Wardrobe Clothes

Image Credits: Deposit Photos.Selling unused items can provide extra cash, reducing the need to buy new items. It also helps create a clutter-free living space, making it easier to organize and find items.

“Sell everything you no longer use. Don’t throw it away or let it collect dust. Just about everything is worth something to somebody.” said one.

“If you can’t recall using this item over the past year and you can’t see yourself using it in the following year, get rid of it. I can’t think of a single item I got rid of by selling/donating that I needed at some point and remembered getting rid of it.” said another.

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