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Men Call Barbie a ‘Misandrist’ Movie, But Others Disagree. Here Is What 17 People Have To Say!

Is the movie ‘Barbie’ really based on a misandrist approach as propagated on social media? We’d like to know your take on the matter.

An internet user asked, “So, do men think that Barbie is a ‘misandrist’ movie?”. Let’s have a look at people’s opinions regarding the same.

They’re Not Sure What To Do

scared and panic.

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“It’s a blockbuster movie aimed at a female audience. Bros don’t know what to do with that.”

They Just Can’t Stand Someone Else Taking The Lead

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“Men get to be the lead in all but a few movies. It would be like if women were frustrated with Transformers having a lead guy.

The toy was primarily a toy marketed to boys. Women and girls were the targets of Barbie. These men are so used to dominating everything that they just can’t stand it when another group gets anything. What a bunch of whiny, selfish, immature, children they are.”

If Anything, It Was More About Positive Masculinity Than Misandry

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“Beyond any other movie I have seen, the movie teaches positive masculinity in a way I haven’t seen before, it addresses things like:

– Men not basing their self-worth on getting that girl to fall for them

– Men expressing their emotions instead of bottling them

– Understanding that being in a position of power is not always desirable for men, and choosing to live a life with less power and responsibility is not a wrong decision.

This wasn’t even the primary theme of the film. The only people attacked by this gotta be manosphere dudes.”

Anti-Feminists Aren’t Used To Equality

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“Anti-feminists will call anything misandrist, the film probably just said ‘men and women are equal’ causing Andrew Tates snowflake army into meltdown.”

A Woman Protagonist Is Too Much To Handle For Them

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“Of course it’s misandrist, it has a woman as a protagonist and she doesn’t just go along with whatever the man says! Oh, the horror!”

They’re Just Misusing The Term

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“Any time a man uses the term ‘misandrist’ without irony, I immediately dismiss anything else they say. It’s like these idiots learned a new word to justify their misogyny and they have to include it in every sentence.”

It Was The Exact Opposite

angry hatred

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“I saw it this afternoon. I think it went out of its way to not be misandrist while decrying rampant misogyny, all the while still being fun. The movie even poked fun at itself a couple of times.”

That’s How They’ve Been Treating Women All This While

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“Barbie treats Ken the way misogynists treat all women. In a misogynistic mind, that’s being misandrist. Bless their bitty hearts. (Okay, Barbie is nicer to Ken.)”

It’s Just The Self-Proclaimed ‘Alpha’ Males

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“I assume it is the self-proclaimed ‘Alpha’ males. They always seem to be the ones with the most fragile egos.”

No Male Agenda Is Equal To Misandry

confused woman

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“Men like that think that any woman not controlled by the male agenda is misandrist.”

It Was Indeed Misandrist

wtf woman in red

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“It was very misandrist, not because Barbie is the main character and not because Ken is a side character. It has nothing to do with gender protagonists like the stupid comments I’m reading in this section.

This movie does nothing but interprets men as being useless and stupid-like when it comes to working and being in a higher power.

It also blames them for being the cause of stress and anger towards women. The ending message of this film is literally about getting revenge on men and degrading them by basically saying life is easy for men because they are simply men.

I’m not surprised by this since Greta Gerwig is known for making guys look dumb and useless in her movies.”

Some Men Feel Threatened By Women’s Empowerment

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“Even as someone who identifies as a man (FTM trans) I always giggle at men who say stuff like this because all it tells me is that the media in question is likely empowering women.

Thus, it threatens them. So they call it misandrist. Which only makes me want to watch whatever they’re whining about more.”

It’s Either This Or That

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“Gonna guess that at least 99% of the men making this claim have a) not seen it and don’t plan to and b) made fun of their sisters for playing with dolls when they were kids.”

Mildly Misandrist, Overall Equality Driven

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“OMG! It was really good. It has a lot of feminist themes. And, at one point, it comes across as a little misandrist. However, the overall tone of the movie is one of equality. I was planning to post my detailed thoughts about the movie once I can sit down at my computer.

Anybody who is annoyed about Barbie didn’t get it. They didn’t pay attention and most certainly did not understand the assignment.”

Blatantly Misandrist It Is

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“Barbie is blatantly misandrist. It’s ok to not care or say that somehow it doesn’t matter because (all men are so much more privileged than privileged white women or whatever).

Or just say it’s ok because it’s entertainment and it doesn’t have to be perfectly PC to be enjoyable. But it is misandrist, period.”

That’s A Part Of The Marketing Strategy

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“It’s marketing. Like the Sonic thing. These corporations spend literal months of marketing R&D deciding which group to annoy.”

Kens Were Just ‘Decorative Plants’ In The Barbie Land

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“But it was kind of misandrist. Don’t get me wrong it was really funny but all the men in the movie were uncomfortably stupid and only served for comedic purposes.

In this perfect world, the kens are just ‘decorative plants’. I would have loved for the writers to show that Barbie Land has achieved true equality.”

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