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Man Confused As Friend Refuses To Meet Him Up To Take The Birthday Present. Says, “Stop Forcing Me To Receive The Gift”. Is This Weird?

A man’s journey to find the perfect gift for his female friend is one filled with love, care, and thoughtfulness. He wants to get her something that she will love and cherish, something that shows how much he values her friendship.

An internet user asked, “Am I a jerk for ‘forcing’ my friend to receive my [male] gift?”. We want you to intervene in the matter. 


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The Original Poster’s (OP) female friend (‘let’s refer to her as Amy’, says OP) has her birthday in June. OP had a very good friendship with her, nothing romantic or any of that, just good friends.

OP bought her a present for her birthday and was really hoping she would like it. They previously agreed to meet the weekend she was celebrating her birthday. 

Amy’s Birthday Weekend 

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So, it was finally the weekend OP was going to give his gift to Amy, but she said she had other plans with other friends/guys. Keep in mind that they had agreed to meet each other around three weeks earlier, OP said that it didn’t matter and that they could meet soon.

What Happened In The Following Days?

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In the following days, OP didn’t receive any reaction or messages from Amy. So he took the initiative. (Keep in mind that this was around 3 days after her birthday.)

OP asked Amy when she wanted to meet, and she said that she didn’t have time for him since she was busy with work and other stuff. 

The Next Weekend Came By

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OP then waited until the weekend and asked again, to which she replied very angrily. She said that he was forcing her to receive his gift and that she would rather go hang out with her friends and in this way, go to the beach without OP. 

Amy then proceeded to tell all of OP’s friends that he was forcing her to receive his gift, and all of OP’s friends are now also very mad at him. They won’t even talk to him.

“So, am I a jerk?”, asks OP. 

You Sure, Buddy?

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“Are you sure you two are friends? It seems like she wants to do anything but not see you. Return the gift, find other friends, this is to the point of being creepy.” 

End This Friendship For God’s Sake!

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“Not the jerk but she is clearly not your “good friend” if she’s acting this way towards you. Return the gift and end this friendship since she clearly doesn’t have any respect for your time and consideration in getting her a gift.

I’d explain your side of the story to any mutual friends since I’m guessing she twisted the story in her favor, but if they still give you the cold shoulder I’m afraid it’s better to cut ties with them too as they’re not good friends either.” 

Just Return The Gift

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“Honestly, not the jerk. Because y’all agreed to meet up and take and opening a gift would take only 4 or 5 minutes. So something tells me she didn’t want you around or is trying to avoid you for some odd reason.

At this point, I think you should take the gift back and not bother getting her other gifts in the future if she’s gonna be a jerk about you getting her a gift.” 

She Deserves To Be Blocked 

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“And she’s not your friend. I’m glad to see that you are returning the gift. She deserves nothing but to be blocked from your life.” 

She Isn’t Your Friend At All

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“It seems like she might not see you as a good friend at all. All of her she doesn’t have time seems to be a message that she just doesn’t want to spend time with you.

Why that is I got no clue (maybe she thinks you have a thing for her) but I would stop talking to her and move on.

As seems like she painted you as a creep to mutual friends so if you’re not a creep, she isn’t your friend and if they don’t believe you, they aren’t your friends either.” 

You Should’ve Picked It Up Sooner 

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“She was signaling that the friendship was over and you didn’t quite pick up on it at first but I’ll bet you get the message now!” 

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