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10 Jobs You Think You Dying To Get, But Actually Don’t Want To

The glitz and glamour of some jobs can be deceiving. Many positions come with their fair share of challenges and hardships.

A user asked, what’s a job that’s romanticized but, in reality, is miserable? and here is what people have to say:

1. Veterinary medicine

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Animal care involves immense emotional pain, from neglect and invasive cancers to euthanasia. It’s a job that demands resilience and compassion.

Someone shared, “A 3-month-old kitten died in my care; I’ve seen so much gore and blood and neglect; I’ve sent animals home with invasive cancers because the family can’t afford treatment; I’ve been the only comfort shelter animals knew before they left this world. It is a specific and exhausting pain that isn’t talked about enough.

People who say they couldn’t do it because of euthanasia have no idea.” a user shared.

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2. Architect

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While you may think it is fancy, it might not always be. 

“You think you’ll be designing significant fancy iconic buildings. Warehouses, Walmarts, strip malls, and box apartments all need architects, and that’s probably what you’ll do.” said one.

“Also, the industry is obsessed with working themselves to death. Sure, you’re on salary, but if you don’t work over 40 hours, are you an architect?” another said.

3. Live Sports TV

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Working on live sports TV is sometimes less glamorous than it sounds. A brutal work environment, egotistical coworkers, and little training make for a challenging job with a high turnover rate.

“Everyone used to think it was awesome that I worked in live sports TV. 70% of the people I worked with were miserable pricks with over-inflated egos, and then there were the athletes.” a user shared.

“I knew several people that worked at my local TV station. They all said, ‘I got five minutes of training, and then I was editing the live news with no other instruction beyond “if you screw up, you’re fired.’”

The turnover rate, both voluntary and otherwise, was brutal.” said one.

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4. Environmental Sector Jobs

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“Pay is usually relatively low; you tend to work in horrid places. You are expected to complete jobs in half the time you need with as few resources as possible. Nobody wants to work with you to save the environment if you are consulting for other companies.

5. Journalist

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You may think you are expected to cover continually compelling news or current events. Sometimes it is just articles like the one you’re reading or about cat fashion. 

“Expectation: I will be the next Hunter S Thompson, write compelling feature pieces with a unique voice, and get paid to travel the world!

Reality: Talking to my editor about how my contact from the cat fashion show won’t call me back or do an interview unless we pay them $80 or adopt two cats.” shared one.

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6. Working On A Film

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Whether you can be in the crew or the actor, it can be tiresome.

“If you’re crew, it is bad. long hours for what seems like plodding progress on the picture, lots of standing around waiting, etc. You arrive well before everyone else and leave after everyone else. If this is an indie production, you may have to beg/chase down your payment at the end of each week. Oh, and when the film wraps, you’re now unemployed.” a user shared.

7. Archaeologist

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“99% of the time, you find absolutely nothing; it’s often physically demanding, sometimes grueling, the pay is terrible, there are no benefits, you have to travel constantly, there’s very little stability, I could go on.” a user said.

“My wife excitedly went to college to become an archeologist and made it through grad school. Only to find very few jobs, and the few she found were corporate checkbox jobs. She does taxes now and seems very happy with it.” another shared.

8. Doctor

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Yes, doctors have money but is the job as fancy as it looks like? No!

“Fantasy: I make lots of money, and everyone respects me. Reality: I watch people die daily, work exhausting 12-hour shifts, have crippling depression and multiple addictions.” said one.

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9. Musician

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“Show up at Club at 5 pm, or earlier, unload, setup, mic check, wait hours for the show to start, get bad bar food or local fast food, play to a half-empty room, tear down, load into vehicles, hopefully, get paid enough to cover expenses, leave club 2-3 am, covered in sweat and physically exhausted, either drive to another location or lousy hotel.

Lather, rinse, and repeat… it’s a grind for 99% of the musicians out there,” said one.

10. Lawyers

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I think we all knew this will be on the list.

“Lawyers – Everyone thinks that it’s like suits. Reality – Reading papers for hours and running behind clients to get them to come to the appointment.” said one.

“Yes, I agree on this one. I have a lot of baby lawyers fresh out of law school, thinking they’re going to be the next Elle Woods or Harvey Specter. I usually have to come to earth talk with them, or they start working cases and realize that law school taught them nothing other than research.” another said.

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