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8 Jobs That Hire The Not-So-Smart People

Job requirements can vary widely depending on the industry and position. Some jobs may have lower educational or skill requirements. In contrast, others may have more stringent qualifications, such as certifications or advanced degrees.

A user asked, which profession hires the dumbest people? And here is what people have to say:

1. Adult Store 

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“So, I work in an adult store. Some of my coworkers who have been there forever are brilliant cookies, but most applicants are dumb.

When I first walked in and asked for an application, I was handed a sheet of paper and told to read it before I could have an application. It said you shouldn’t apply if you’re prone to oversleeping, frequently get flat tires, don’t have regular child care, and many other common-sense things that apply to almost any job. My first thought was, what kind of first-class morons do they usually get applying for this job?” said one.

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2. Warehousing

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“We have no educational requirements at all. We have functionally illiterate people, and Health and Safety Briefs must be read to them.

In addition, we only vet new staff members a little. Our training procedures are laid out to make them 100% idiot-proof (200% checks, remote and physical supervision, etc.). Yet, we still get people who have been employed for 3+ years making week one mistake as they “forgot” how to do a task they had completed a few hundred times before.” a user shared.

3. Guitar Center Salesman

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“I’ll never forget the guy that sold me my acoustic guitar; You gotta make love to your guitar like she’s your wife, ya know? Do her real gentle. My mother is standing right here picking it out with me for my birthday, chill.” said one.

“Go into the guitar center just to browse – the salespeople won’t leave you alone. Go into the guitar center knowing precisely what you want to buy – everybody is too busy answering phones.” another said.

4. Real Estate

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“From my experience, real estate. They can be great at their job, but I’ve met agents that make me wonder how they can function in the rest of their life.” said one.

“I work in real estate, and I agree that there are some dumb and underqualified agents out there, but there are intelligent agents as well. My boss majored in social work at a great CA university. 

Let me tell you, we hate the dumb agents that make our lives more complex just as much, if not more, than you. I advise anyone selling or buying to take your time and interview as many agents as possible. Get referrals from friends and family, but don’t feel obligated to use them if you find someone better!” another said.

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5. Food Service

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“I’m a waitress/bartender, and it’s amazing the number of stupid people they hire, and then they leave a few weeks later because they can’t hack being busy.” said one.

“Or they call in a lot and still have their jobs, while the good employees get fed up at being understaffed and leave because the standards are so low, and they go unrecognized for being good at their jobs.” another added.

6. Multi-Level Marketing/ Pyramid Scheme

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 “MLM higher-ups and recruiters are amazing scammers. Only the people at the bottom getting ripped off are dumb. And selling for an MLM is not a job, and it’s your new debt.” said one.

“This so much. As a marketing grad with 0 experience, I get discouraged looking for entry-level marketing jobs and just knowing that they’re pyramid schemes or jobs where you’re compensated entirely on commission.” another added.

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7. Telemarketers

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“If you ask them specific questions about the product they’re trying to sell and specifics of the warranty, they often have no idea how to respond accurately and professionally.” said one.

“Usually, they hang up on me if I ask almost any question.” another said.

8. Security

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“I have worked with five people in security who either were complete idiots, mentally ill, or outright stupid.” said one. 

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