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11 Shocking Instances of Wealth Show-off

Some people are wealthy. Some are exceptionally wealthy. And then some of them are just so damn wealthy that they’d show it off every now and then to the point it starts getting weird and egregious. 

A netizen recently asked, What is the most egregious display of wealth you’ve ever personally seen? Below are the 11 most interesting responses: 


Hiring Someone To Wake You Up In The Morning 

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“I have a friend employed by a famous old pop star. She lived on-site at his mansion (which itself was a very cute cottage) and was paid more than I am with no rent or bills for the said cottage. Her job? To open his bedroom curtains in the mornings, put on classical music, and gently wake him up for the day. That sounds romantic, but it wasn’t romantic, more like “Hey, hey, big star, I know you’re still sleepy, but it’s time to get up,” etc.” Said one. 

“Can’t believe I went to college. No one told me about the opening curtains for rich people’s career path,” Another added. 


Support Vessels 

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 “The first time I saw a support vessel, I was blown away. 

It’s a yacht that accompanies your main yacht, and it stores your toys in its garage, it houses some of your staff, stores your supplies, etc..” Said one. 

“You think that’s crazy, I once saw a petulant, stupid billionaire buy a communication platform and then burn it to the ground through sheer stupidity.” Another added. 


Paying The Fine Willingly 

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“I worked at a university. Every day a sorority girl would park her BMW illegally in the corner on the first floor and get an expensive ticket, and she just paid them off.” Said one. 

“If the punishment for breaking the law is fine, then this law doesn’t apply to rich people” – Somebody.” Another added. 


Buying ALL ORDERS Over The Week For Complete Strangers 

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“A breakfast place I went to a lot in my hometown. I went to pay for my meal and the waitress was like, don’t worry, it is covered.

The next day, I went back. Once again, my meal was covered. Repeat for the rest of a week, and I was baffled. 

Some rich dude liked his breakfast a week ago, bought all orders for the following week, and tipped all the staff $10k to keep it a secret and cover the loss of tips for the week. It was a small mom-and-pop shop, but that still has to have cost him 100k or something for a meal. 

 There was intentionally no hype, and the other regulars and I were never told who it was.” 


Investing In A ‘Rolling Staircase’ 

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“Custom metal worker. We did the penthouse at the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan, off of Central Park (the owner lived there). The floors were made of titanium plates.

The wife had her massive library, and we had to make a rolling staircase that an old woman could move. We did, probably cost $80,000. We delivered it, and she said, “It’s too steep. Can you make another?” 

$80,000 later, she’s happy, and my buddy has a rolling staircase at his workshop.”  


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“Dude just kept grabbing stuff and having me ring it up. At first, I was like, you sure? Then it eventually clicked that this guy was on a shopping spree. The shop had no human necessities.

I don’t remember the total by the end, but it was close to 5 figures USD. He pulled out his black AMEX that weighs like a pound, and boom, mile-long receipt. One of the few days I wished I made commissions.” 


Post-Divorce Show Off


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 “Company owner got a divorce, went on a shopping spree, and showed a receipt for tens of thousands of dollars to our receptionist to show off.

What he spent was 80% of what she makes in a year. She was really uncomfortable and brought it to me as the HR person.” 


Justin Bieber And His Love For Skiing 


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“When I worked at Blue, Justin Beiber spent a stupid amount of money just to ski. He tried to rent the whole resort to make it private, but they wouldn’t let him (which I still think is hilarious) 

This area also has dozens of houses that are all valued well over $10mil, which all sit empty. They’re just buildings that billionaires bought on a whim.”


The Saudi Prince Being A Prince 

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“I work at a Zipline in Hawaii. One time we had a couple of people come in, one of them was a Saudi prince. Anytime someone helped or even talked to him, he had his “assistant” count out hundred dollar bills and give it to them. He tipped his guides 3000$ a piece. Was wild..” 


The Big-Fat Destination Wedding 

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“My husband was invited to a destination wedding in the Caribbean. We had to buy our flights and the rest of the trip was completely paid for. A private resort was shut down for the long weekend so only the wedding guests were in attendance. The airport had our names when we landed and we bypassed customs. It was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  

Bride’s family is from old European royalty.” 


Sponsored Disneyland Trip

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“I had a friend in middle school whose parents paid for her and 3 of her friends (me included in that group) to go to Disneyland and stay at the Disneyland hotel.

At one point during the trip, I cried in a corner of a store because my mom could only give me $20 to spend and everyone else bought whatever they wanted the entire trip. I didn’t know how insane it was for the parents to pay for all of our tickets and rooms until I was older.”

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