Dating Nightmares: 10 Disasters That Could Make You Appreciate Singlehood

Bad dates are common, many online users have funny disaster stories. A user asked "Men, what's your worst date?" The hilarious replies had to be shared!

When She Added The Cost Of Her Order To My Bill

"Took a girl on a seafood date. She ordered to-go food for her relatives, adding to my bill. I only paid for my meal and left her with the rest. Never talked to her again."

When She Borrowed Money & Left With Another Guy

"18 y/o me (21 years ago) borrows £20 for a date at a pub. An hour later, she leaves with another guy."

When I Had An Accident Immediately After

“I went ice skating with my crush. I fell and broke both my tibia and my fibula and had to have emergency surgery. Worst date to have a crush you have liked for about 3 years.”

When She Displayed Signs Of Psychopathic Behavior

"At a library coffee shop, she arrived, placed shoes on table, then discussed her obsession with serial killer victims, tattooed on her body."

When She Told Me She Liked A Gay Guy

"Dennys on my birthday, she confessed she liked the gay water polo player, and left me with the bill. No free grand slam. Luckily, the waitress comped my meal."

When I Had To Miss Interstellar’s Climax Because Of Her

"My date parked in 2-hour street parking during Interstellar. We left 20 minutes before the end. Haven't seen the end yet."

When She Double-Dated Me

"Went on 3 dates, even met her mom. On third date, she gets a call from her boyfriend in basic & couldn't understand why I found that wrong."

When She Couldn’t Stop Bragging About Her Love For Cocaine & Alcohol

"On a first date, she confessed her love for cocaine and shared stories about peeing in cabs while drunk. She drank shots through it all, as I planned a swift escape."

When She Said, ” I Wish I Found You Attractive…”

"2009 dated a girl who took me to see Keith Urban & Taylor Swift. During 'I Wanna Kiss a Girl', she remarked she wished she found me attractive so she could kiss me. Had to endure show & 2.5-hour drive home. Tanya, you jerk."

When She Brought 5+ People Along With Her

"Met a girl on Bumble at an arcade. She came with her 5+ polyamorous friends. It was awkward and inappropriate for a first date."

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