13 Reasons Why Many Older Women Choose to Have Short Hair

Many women cut their hair short after certain age. Why do you think that is? Discussing a curious netizen's question, why after 50 do most women choose short hair? Share your thoughts.

Deteriorated Hair Quality

“Hair quality goes down with age, and short hair is just easier to maintain.”

Health Related Hair Loss

"I had long, golden hair until cancer & chemo made me bald. Now it's dark, spiky, and only looks decent short."


“Menopause makes hair thinner and long thin hair can look extremely bad.”

Easier To Maintain

"Easier to maintain and tired of having to.", one said. "Before I was 45, my hair was in a boys’ cut! So much easier to deal with. Comfortable and easy!", another noted.

Babies Pull

"My friend cut her hair short as babies pull.", one said. "Makes sense, my nieces would grab my glasses, they found it hilarious", another added.

A Confluence Of Factors

"A mix of factors like less beauty pressure, menopause effects, and aging scalp conditions make short hair more manageable and practical. "

Not Seeking Validation Anymore

“You stop looking outside yourself for validation and do what you want. You’re no longer trying to please anyone but yourself.”

Running Out Of Time

“Running out of time. Can’t be spending all damn day washing/drying/fixing your hair. I have to spend time with the girls, eat brunch, do some dancing, flirt with the widowers.”

Women Get Much Braver With Age

“Lots of older women have some really great short haircuts nowadays! Slick stylish silver bobs or funky undercuts with long hair on top. Some women get much braver with age.”

The Previous Generation Brainwashed Women

"The previous generation brainwashed women into thinking long hair isn't suitable after 40, 50. It's a myth. Short or long hair, wear what suits you regardless of age. I'm over 50, I wear long, thick hair because it works for me."

It Gives You A Mini Face Lift

“Long hair can visually drag the facial features down. Cutting it short gives the appearance of almost a mini facelift.”

Hot Flashes

“Hot flashes. When you are awoken with a sweaty head, it’s easier with short hair. Less shower time, less blow dry, less fuss.”

A Confidence Issue

"Confidence affects appearance. Young girls use hair and makeup for security. As women age, beauty standards affect them less. Short hair can be attractive at any age."

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