15 Celebrities Considered ‘Hot’ by Many, But Not Many Agree

Some celebrities captivate the world, baffling others with their huge fan bases. A netizen recently asked, "Which hot celeb don't you find attractive?". Top responses below.

Blake Shelton

“Blake Shelton. Apparently, people swoon over him! I just don’t see it.”, said one. “Ewwww. I agree 10000%…he looks like the sun is always in his eyes.”, another added.

Adam Levine

"Tattoos, voice - no issue. His arrogance, triggered by fame, is appalling. His disdain for fans who fund him is disturbing."Watch the video


“If a big toe could vaguely sing, there would be no need for Drake.”, said one. “I have no idea what goes on in their minds to find him attractive.”, another added.

The Kardashian Sisters

“Kim Kardashian and all the sisters. They are not raving beautiful. Not ugly just not as pretty as they think they are!”

Chrissy Teigen

"She looks like an allergic chipmunk", one said. "She reminds another of a sloth."

Bella Hadid

“Bella Hadid. Her face looks like a pencil sharpener.”, said one. “I just Googled her only to discover she’s only 26!! I always thought she was a middle-aged woman!”, another added.

Norman Reedus

"Norman Reedus. Ever see someone who desperately needs a bath? That's Norman Reedus in person."

Ariana Grande

"I've always found Ariana Grande's appearance unappealing. Her face reminds me of a distorted reflection in a funhouse mirror."

Gwyneth Paltrow

"The damage from smoking and poor nutrition caught up in her 30's. Now in 50's, she can't wear makeup due to leathery skin."

Channing Tatum

"Channing Tatum is like an ogre, not attractive", said one. "He's a male butter face", added another.

Adam Driver

“Adam Driver perplexes me.", one said. “He just resembles an ordinary Jewish guy with a big nose.", added another.

Kristen Stewart

“Kristen Stewart. She always looks like she’s about to puke. My guess is someone told her ‘You look hot with your mouth open’, so now she is puke-face.”

Jackie Kennedy

"Going old school with Jackie Kennedy. Regal, with an unconventional beauty and a unique face. She was like the reflection of a fun house mirror."

Shemar Moore

“I'm not into Shemar Moore, it's unexplainable." one said. "He seems like a video game character, albeit a handsome one." added another.

Ryan Gosling

“Ryan Gosling. I’m so baffled by the hype and hysteria.”, said one. “I don’t get it either. Great as Ken but I don’t find him attractive.”, another added.

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