Top 15 U.S. Cities Demonstrating Poor Urban Planning

US cities face criticism for urban planning. Answering "Which US city has worst urban planning?", netizens responded with the following leaders.


“Houston is just a hellish parking lot with some buildings slashed in, I literally have no idea what the attractive part of living in Houston is.”


"Atlanta has the worst traffic. Its good rapid rail system wasn't expanded, so rush hour is a nightmare. Despite driving in all U.S. big cities, Atlanta's continuous logjams are unmatched."


"Boston, unlike grid-style NYC or Philly, was laid out by cow paths. Upon arriving at university, I found myself lost at the corner of Tremont and Tremont."

Kansas City

"Kansas City has the most miles of controlled access highway per capita in the US, making it hard to get anywhere. Its footprint is nearly as big as Dallas despite having a quarter of the population. Interstates 70 and 35 poorly route through the city."


"Missoula, MT, a larger city in Montana, was formed from two towns with different design ideologies. Navigating Malfunction Junction is intriguing."


"Madison's city center is beautiful but the outskirts are overcrowded. Once had to cross a six-lane highway to reach a nearby mall."


“Morgantown, West Virginia. Two two-lane roads connect 60,000 people when school is in session. Awful planning. There’s traffic here 24/7.”


"Driving through almost every US city, Indianapolis was the worst; inconvenient stoplights, terrible construction, and no traffic flow. I'm from Texas, we have crazy drivers, but our roads are great. No potholes and our freeway system keeps traffic flowing efficiently."


"Nashville's poorly designed downtown interstates and Chattanooga's Atlanta-like traffic issues are alarming."


“Seattle is a total nonsense. There is on real route through the city I-5 and it will take hours to get through. Seattle is set up for 100-200k, not 1 million.”

Los Angeles

“Los Angeles. I’m from there. Be prepared to drive a lot. Driving certain places is legit complicated and/or stressful. Bonus points if you don’t get in a car accident.”


"Tampa lacks urban planning, mimicking LA," one commented. "Despite being a medium city, Tampa was unprepared for its population surge during Covid," added another.


"Cincinnati is challenging to navigate with cramped, oddly laid-out roads. Phoenix, however, is the best - a grid layout with sensibly timed traffic lights. Exceptions include downtown Scottsdale and Grand Avenue."


“Hartford, we have a highway instead of a proper waterfront on the river.”

Jacksonville, FL

"Jacksonville, FL can't support its size, making public transit impossible. City bridges often shut down during big hurricanes. (Though) close, I can't walk to the grocery store without crossing a 6-lane road with faulty crosswalks."

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