9 Things In American Culture That Are Purely American

Celebrating America's diversity, while acknowledging the unique aspects it owns. Many assume it lacks culture because it borrows from others. So, what's authentically American? Let's discover.


American universities' athletic programs are integral to their identity, fostering alumni and community support. They focus on individual sports like basketball, baseball, and football. College sports, while gaining popularity elsewhere, aren't as culturally significant as in the US. "Yes, this is an American thing", a user comments.


"Drive-thru. Drive-ins. Road trips. Car culture", says a user. In the US, these features are popular & iconic Americana. Other countries view them as modern, family-friendly forms of entertainment.


"I'm on discord with Europeans, they show me their BBQs, it's just a cookout. They grill kabobs, not BBQ," says a user. American BBQ is about low temp cooking for smoky flavor.


“Jazz, created by black Americans, exhibits US cultural values like innovation and mirrors social commentary,” says a user.


"Homecoming was unknown to me until I dated an American," says a user. Originating in mid-19th century American universities, it's with college football and primarily a chance for alumni to reconnect. It's also a popular theme in American media.


"Hard taco shells are U.S inventions, popularized by Taco Bell in the 60s and 70s. Unlike traditional Mexican tacos, they cater to American tastes with beef, cheese, and lettuce."


"Skater culture, influenced by Pacific Island and surfer culture, has deep US roots. Iconic brands, skateboarders and skateparks played key roles. Still, it has global influences."


"American gun culture is distinct due to historical, political, and social context. Higher gun ownership rates in the US stem from ethos emphasizing self-reliance and individual responsibility. This, in turn, bolsters gun culture stereotypes in media."


"A user mentions 'High school proms'. They symbolize the transition from adolescence to adulthood in America. Businesses contribute to its glamour and popularity."

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