Taming the Testosterone Brigade: 14 Strategies to Command Respect from Even the Most Alpha Guy

"What action immediately boosts respect for someone? A netizen recently asked, "What instantly earns a woman your respect?" Here are the top responses."

No Double Standards

"When she upholds her own standards," said one. Another added, "Hypocrisy is unbearable, especially when one sets expectations for their partner but not themselves."

A Decent Human Being

"Acts decently, confident but not arrogant, kind but assertive. Respects all, unless given a reason not to."

Kindness Without Expectations

"Being kind without expecting a return earns respect", one says; "A welcoming smile indicates kindness", adds another.


“Be honest, no acts or first impression games. No lies. Be upfront like I am and match me.”

Organized, Patient, And Empathetic

“Organized, patient and empathetic at heart with good communication command respect for me.”

Her Accountability And Ability To Handle Stress

“If she is accountable and how she handles stress. Some people brush it off like it’s a breeze in the wind and others break down and blame others and that is lame.”

The Way She Carries Herself

"She carried herself with elegance. Single for long, she approached a man saying, 'You're great, don't know why you're unmarried, but if you asked, I'd say yes'." Loving oneself is vital.

Treats The Staff Well

“Treats the staff well and isn’t an entitled jerk just because she is pretty.”

Knows Her Goal And Pursues It

"Knowing and pursuing what she desires, not waiting for directions makes people 1000% more attractive."


"Rarely do you find a woman of true intelligence; not just academically, but also socially. Aware of her place in the world, conscious of her limitations but dedicated to personal happiness despite surroundings. Difficult to put into words, but at least I tried."

Her Social Media Isn’t Full Of Immodest Photos

"A woman gains my respect when her social media lacks promiscuous photos. It's refreshing to see modesty in a world where attention-seeking selfies are the norm."

Can Laugh At Herself

“They don’t immediately jump to ‘that’s mansplaining’ type of comments. They can laugh at themselves.”

Her Basic Humanity

“Her basic humanity, in general, is enough for me to respect her.”

Happy In Her Own Skin

“When I see a woman smiling to herself in public. People who are happy in their own skin command so much respect. When 95% of people are miserable phone zombies.”

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