10 Purchases People Wish They Hadn’t Splurged On

Impulse buys often lead to regret. We've all splurged on overpriced, unneeded items. A forum shows top things users wish they'd saved on.

1. Loan For Education

Plan your finances wisely for college to avoid debt. Working more and borrowing less can help. It may not feel like real debt, but it is. Read: 11 Most Hated or Useless Jobs That People Wish They Could Eliminate from Society

2. Buying Beverages

Save significantly by choosing water and coffee over pricier drinks. It can positively impact your finances. “I stopped after spending $100 monthly,” says one.

3. Eating Food From Outside

"Buying food at work instead of preparing it home to save money is something I struggle with. It's astonishing how much you can lose weekly due to laziness/busyness," users shared.

4. Gaming Laptops

Investing in a costly gaming laptop may not offer long-term value. One user found their $\1600 Asus G series outdated in 2 years. Another regretted not investing in a desktop instead.

5. Air Conditioning Units

"Switched from central air to window units, big savings!" one reported. "No central air in apartment, electricity bill went from $257 to $54," said another.

6.  The Razor Blades

"Shaving products, like razor blades, are costly. Old-fashioned safety razors are recommended as a cheaper yet efficient solution. Many refuse to pay high amounts for modern razors, with cheaper options providing near comparable results."

7. Education

Higher education can be a financial burden with some institutions charging over $50K/year. One user said, "$38K/yr tuition, housing, fees, books= $50K/yr. Plus transport."[link]

8. Pet Supplies

"Steak is cheaper than dog chews, pet wipes cost more than baby wipes," one owner noted. "Balancing pet care and costs is key," added another.

9. Luxury

Hot tubs can be a financial burden in hardship. One spend $8K during good times but now regrets not banking it. Prioritize financial security.

10. Wedding

"Everything related to my wedding could've been improved with help from friends or family, but due to inlaw interference, they got to call the shots," one individual shared. Despite these regrets, they remind us that “You can have a $50, $500, or a $30000 wedding...you are still just as married.” What are your biggest spending regrets? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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