Think Outside the Budget: 10 Unusual Tips That Work Wonders for Savvy Savers

Survey reveals most perceive themselves as thrifty, varying in approach. On a forum, when asked 'What's untypically frugal for you?' people shared unique money-saving habits.

1. Hire A Mechanic To Change the Oil And Brake Pads

Frugalistas advocate for DIY tasks like oil changes and brake pads. But many admit it's more economical to hire a mechanic to avoid damaging the car from negligence. The savings for brake pads (~$700) are greater than those for oil changes (~$30-90). So, if you can afford it, hiring for part-time gigs or using Taskrabbit might be worth it.

2. Meal Delivery Service

"A frugal tip is to cook instead of ordering out. Some use a cheap meal delivery service, cooking home-made meals faster than fast food, reducing grocery trips, and staying in budget. More frugal! Related: Earn with UberEats"

3. Hire Help

"Many agree hiring a cleaner is a time & mental saver especially when deep-cleaning or with kids & pets. One even said "$100/mo for laundry is a steal". It also helps to focus on doing a better job at work. Remember, "Your time is worth money.""

4. Walmart Plus

"I use Walmart's grocery delivery which costs $12/mo plus tip. Saves time as I work full-time and study. Another user agreed and avoids carrying groceries up stairs. Also, How To Make Fast Money (For Women)"

5. Travel To Create Memories

“I am happy to spend our holidays. The value, in this case, is in the rest and relaxation and building good family memories.” said someone.

6. Spend On A Budgeting App

"I pay for a budget app, YNAB. I could do all budgeting manually or in Excel but YNAB's ease of use makes budgeting a routine habit." Related: Boost Your Income with Jobs That Pay Weekly

7. Quality Shoes

"Never skimp on shoes; quality over quantity. Costly, repaired shoes outlive cheap ones," says one. "Cheap shoes resulted in foot problems. Now, I buy >$100 shoes; worth every penny," another shares. Quality shoes can be resold for profit.

8. Gym Membership

Can you workout without a gym? Yes. One user found mental health benefits and increased motivation in a pricier gym membership featuring a sauna. Related: Is $5000 Enough To Move Out And Live Comfortably

9. A Nice Pair Of Bag

"Quality bags are a good investment. They can carry essentials and last long," one user shared. Some said cheaper Amazon bags wear out swiftly. So they bought leather options for $200 each, lasting 5 years and saving money. Quality bags can also be resold for profit.

10. Getting Rid Of Stuff

"Rebuying is better than hoarding. A few regrets don't count." Source: Reddit

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