18 Careers That Will Make You Reevaluate Your Life Choices

Ever craved a passionate career that fuels daily enthusiasm? Ever pursued a dream job only to hate it? See top responses to the question asked on our forum.


"Planned to be an EMT since middle school. Loved medical field but lacked stamina for med school. Broke down during training. Couldn't handle the emotional stress of patients' worst days. Now work at a museum."


"I attended law school with hopes of aiding others and earning money. Now, I’m a Portuguese teacher." "Now a government attorney, I can confirm that depending on your location, the pay may be very low."


“Always dreamed of making cartoons. Interned for a studio specializing in a certain yellow family. Post-college, I chose a mechanic's life.”


"Tried blacksmithing after lots of YouTube videos. My Dad & I had a personal class; the instructor was great! Made 3 metal pieces but found the medium too hot & risky. Spending $75 on a class saved me thousands on a setup I'd hate."


“Being the boss of people. Boss is a title, but being an effective leader of people is an emotionally draining, often thankless roller coaster.”


"Majored in music production and realized it was brutally technical, drawn out, and boring. Pros I worked with were miserable. I opted to enjoy being in a band, got a day job, started a family, and it's been sustainable. The industry is brutal - requires constant networking, long hours, and it's easy to burn out."


"Studied graphic design, worked in industry 14 years. Growing up creative, the industry killed that joy. Can't do it anymore, it's depressing."


"Traveling for work involves lots of time in hotels, rarely seeing anything else due to flight schedules. Being hungover on a plane is terrible."


"I pursued physics with zeal, even started a Ph.D., but got disheartened by its downsides. After a period of despair and career re-evaluation, I switched to statistics and found joy. Landed a permanent research position at an R1 university in my home state. Achieving what I dread once, made a drastic change and never regretted it."


"Relocating to a new country seemed romantic, but it's costly, complex, and exhausting. The upside? Some good stories to tell after losing all my friends."


“I dreamt of a digital nomad life in my 20s. I tried it at 30 in Costa Rica but missed my community. While I had cool experiences, they felt hollow as I was not sharing them with loved ones. I gained perspective from it but it's not for me.”


"As a Chef, I left school early for cookery. Enjoyed first months, then found it draining. My long split shifts are exhausting. A recent knee injury calmed my anxiety and depression, making me rethink my career choice."


"Dreaming of being a vet, my first high school job was at a clinic. It was agonizing. Amidst terrible smells, injured pets, and two freezers for dead animals, I quit in months."


“Being a cop. I quit after six months.”


"Being a dog groomer is tough. Owners, dogs, bosses can be difficult. Scratches, bites and hair everywhere. It's a tough job unless self-employed."


"Architects only get to be creative if they own the firm. The pay is low, the hours long, and both the degree and license tests are costly. Work is dependent on economy and high stress."


“Working in a lab. Wanted to help cure viruses and diseases. Turned into monotonous days of pipetting, plating germs, and tediousness that was soul tiring.”


Originally planning to be a psychologist, I quickly realized it wasn't for me after an internship at Child and Family Services. I switched paths, earning my masters in HCI/UX and starting my tech career. I'll continue reading psychology books, not practicing it.

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