11 Wild Things We’ve Made Uncomfortably Common

Can you identify a morally challenging phenomenon that's now a society norm? Asked by a netizen: What societal norm should we really reject? These responses may make you pause and self-reflect!

Filming Crap Instead Of Preventing It

"Filming not preventing" one argued, lamenting people's inaction towards theft and violence. "We tolerate too much. If someone is stealing, others should intervene. If a man is abusive, we should stop him."

The Sheer Amount Of Garbage Production

“The sheer amount of garbage and waste that’s being produced daily.” Said one.  “That was the first thing I thought. Single-use EVERYTHING!” 

Dressing Little Girls Like 20-Year-Olds

"Dressing little girls as 20-year-olds for pageants, shows is 'crazy, sickening'. Everyone agrees it's not okay, yet it continues," say critics.

Planned Obsolescence

“Planned obsolescence. No wonder we are using resources up so quickly. Nothing is made to last.” Said one.  “Things are literally made to STOP working effectively.” Another added. 

Politicians Getting Rich

“Politicians getting rich off of illegal dealings.” Said one.  “Politicians getting rich. There, fixed it.” Another added 

Proud Anti-Intellectualism

"Understanding this is hard. Everyone applauds athletes yet some feel offended if someone is smarter or better educated."

Accepting That Success Refers Only To Money & Status

"Success isn't just money and status. We need to value happiness more," said one. "But the rich often undermine the pursuit of happiness," added another.

Justice Being Applied Differently To People

"Justice varies for people. If an ordinary person kills someone in a drunk driving incident, they face prison; a rock star only gets a fine and community service."

Texting And Driving

“Texting and driving. There were whole ad campaigns about how dangerous it was, but now I see it just about every time I’m on the road.” 

Mass Shootings Being WAY Too Common

“Mass shootings just being a part of everyday life.” Said one.  “It blows my mind that little kids have drills for active shooter scenarios at school.” Another added. 

Profit Maximizing Over Everything Else

"This is destroying society and nature," said one. "Yes, it's fundamental to business. They can't oppose it," added another.

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