21 Relationship Mistakes That Everyone Makes (But You Don’t Have To)

Beneath the surface of many relationship breakdowns lie insidious issues that can gradually chip away at love and trust, often unnoticed until it’s too late.

1. Interference By Friends & Family

“Outside noise from society, family, friends” “Yep, it’s creepy and icky actually how much others think they have a say in people’s relationships.”

2. Keeping Score

“Keeping score.” “In conjunction with this, resentment.”

3. Lack of Honesty

“Never being completely honest just because you want to spare your partner’s feelings.” “It just hurts more when they find out from someone else.”

4. Invalidating Your Partner’s Feelings

“Invalidating feelings is avoidance of emotional support. Your partner will remember.” Read: Heartache-Proof Relationship

5. Children

"A disabled/sick child, or a child's death can drive marriages to the brink of divorce. Our daughter's diagnosis was devastating."

6. Lack Of The Safe Space

"Relational boundaries & intimacy deserve more importance. Relationships should feel safe & exclusive to both partners, avoiding oversharing with others. Protecting intimacy actions & keeping outsiders' opinions limited can ensure a safe, sacred bond. Remember, a relationship is exclusively about two people."

7. Expecting Things Will Never Change

"Embracing change doesn't mean growing apart. Let's shift our wants, needs, goals together. Why stay stagnant when we can move forward as a unit?"

8. Burdening One

“Uneven distribution of household or child-rearing labor.”

9. Difference in Libido

It can create a rift when one doesn’t want it as much as the others. Work on it intentionally to save your relationship.

10. Controlling Your Partner

"Watch out for controlling behavior in relationships. Compromise is necessary, but do not abandon things you enjoy. My ex-partner criticized my love for coffee and cheese. Now, after divorce, I'm enjoying them freely."

11. Blame Games

"Blaming is a predictor of relationship failure. For lasting relationships, approach problems from a problem-solving mindset. Read: Stop Focusing on Your Looks: 10 Traits That’ll Make Men Go Gaga Over You Instantly!"

12. Money

"Money disputes can lead to breakups, but money isn't the root of evil." Read: Are You? 10 Signs That You’re Secretly An Amazing Person

13. Social Media

"It's frustrating that relationships aren’t “official” until posted on social media. Couples are glued to their phones instead of talking, yet they claim to have a blast on Instagram."

14. Lack of Arguing

“Lack of arguing. Holding in feelings creates resentment towards your partner. Arguing without losing control of your emotions and being civil is an essential skill to develop.”

15.  Different Life Goals

"Under-acknowledged but vital: achieving similar goals in relationships. Read: 12 Traits Women Find “Creepy” – Are You Guilty of Any?"

16. Religious Beliefs

"When two people bond over shared beliefs, a drastic change in one person's beliefs puts strain on the relationship, despite the right to personal growth."

17. Fatal Diagnosis

"Men are 6x likelier to leave partners after a cancer diagnosis. Also, unequal power dynamics often result in uneven domestic labor or financial decisions."

18. Mental Illness

"Mental illness is often viewed as a personality quirk, but it's a harsh reality when it affects employment. It's an ugly ailment, impacting lives severely."

19. Past Trauma

"Unresolved past trauma can suddenly spiral out of control, often when people least expect it."

20. Emotional Cheating

"Emotional cheating is overlooked. Partners divert energy into others, often unnoticed. Excuses are made, leaving the other feeling disconnected with no proof."

21. Spending Too Much Time Together

"Spending all your time together can strain a relationship. To keep things fresh, plan special nights out. TV and sex is fun, but variety is key for long-term happiness."

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