12 Situations Where Men Should Assertively Say No

The significance of saying no isn't fully grasped by some men, as highlighted in internet discussion, "What should men say 'no' to?". The responses are unmissably important!

Being In Uncomfortable Relationships

"Staying in unsatisfying relationships because it’s 'not that bad.'" "Was there in my teens. At 24, I've gained enough self-respect to leave." Another added.

The Question – “Are You Good?”

“Are you good?” Said one.  “Say no when you aren’t good and be willing to go deeper emotionally and have real conversations with your fellow men.” Another added. 

Attending Work Calls After Work Hours

“Picking up the phone to answer work calls after work hours.” Said one.  “In 20 years, no one will remember you working late except your kids.” Another added. 

Working 40+ Hours A Week

"Excessive work hours can lead to regret. One was fired after 16 years despite working 60+ hours, missing family time with nothing in return."

Thirst Traps

"It's cringeworthy when guys idolize fake images, then wonder why no girls want them IRL. Such desperation is a major turn-off."

Vapes And Zyn Pouches

"Struggling to quit nicotine in my late 20s, I urge young adults to avoid vapes and Zyn pouches. The short-lived buzz and the cost are not worth the addiction. Trust me, craving nicotine on a 5-hour flight is miserable."

Getting Mistreated By Women

"Women should be beautiful inside and out, deserving well-treatment," said one. "My husband needs to stand up to his mom and sister. Men shouldn’t endure women's abuse."


"Nobody wins in a fight. It only leads to bodily harm or hurt feelings." One stated. "Avoid violence; it only earns jail time. Use intelligence, not force." Added another.

Manipulative Women

"Grew up with one, I can spot one," said one. "They're relentless, and will unleash their wrath if denied," added another.

Not Getting Mental Health Help

"Struggling with mental health, I sought help to spare my family grief," one confessed. "Don't wait till things get too hard before seeking help," counselled another.

Being Told To Man Up

"Being told to man up dismisses feelings," one said. "Told this by many, hence we don't talk anymore," added another.

Peer Pressure

“Peer pressure. It’s not manly to do something detrimental to your health or well-being. Be firm and say no if you don’t feel comfortable. Remember “no” is a complete sentence.”

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