12 Things Men Pretend to Like to Impress Women (But Actually Hate)

Men may fake interest to impress women. Question was: what do guys fake liking for girls' attention? Top answers:

1. Clubs

"Everyone I know went clubbing for girls, not the music or dancing. It was like real-life Tinder, despite rude doormen and overpriced drinks."

2. Smoking

"Started smoking for a girl in the 80s. She fancied my mate. Quit after 30 years. 21 Dislikeable Things You Might Be Saying"

3. Reading Philosophy

"I began reading philosophy to impress girls, but none were interested. However, I found a love for it and read numerous books."

4. Motorcycles

"Many friends got motorcycles for attracting girls. Turns out, mostly guys are interested in them."

5. Cooking

"Started cooking for girls, now I just enjoy it with my boys." Read: Are you guilty of these 12 'creepy' traits?

6. Liking Taylor Swift

“I pretended to like Taylor Swift to bag this girl I was really into. Ended up marrying her, and now I am a “Swiftie”.

7. Activities on Weekends

"Weekends are now activity-packed, not just games or relaxing. I enjoy doing things with my wife, even if it's unlikely I'd do them solo, like leaving the house."

8. Pretend to Be Vegetarian or Vegan

"I know two guys posing as vegans just to impress bohemian girls." Read it here: 13 Things You Pretend to Do

9. Pretend To Be Deep

“My husband used to take girls to the bookshop when he went on dates as a teenager because it made him look “deep.”

10. Going To The Gym

"Surprised the gym isn't mentioned more. Many guys lift, not for joy, but in hope of increasing their attractiveness."

11. Dancing

"If I had to choose, I'd pick dancing. Many women enjoy it, I'm not fond of it due to my poor coordination."

12. Fashion

“Fashion. I used to just wear a black zip-up jacket every day and didn’t care. Now, I dress nicer, but it’s mainly to attract girls”

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