7 Things Women Stress About That Men Couldn’t Care Less Abou

Discover 7 unexpected things men don't actually care about, contrary to popular belief. Here's what men said in response to "What do women think you care about, but don't?"

1. Repetition of Your Dress

“Wearing the same dress twice.”

2. Fake Eyebrows or Fake Anything

"New eyebrows, nail and eyelash extensions, and long nails - women wear them to impress others, not men."

3. Makeup

"For me, it's immaterial if my girlfriend wears makeup or not; she's beautiful regardless."

4. Newest Beauty Trend

“Whatever the newest beauty trend that women are supposed to look up to.”

5. Thigh Gap

“I’ve never once thought, “Damn, she’s cute but her thighs are touching. Guess I’m not attracted to her anymore.”

6. Hair Cuts

“Hair. Perfect example. Why do you think 95% of the time the guy doesn’t notice the new haircut. Because men don’t care as much as women.”

7. Flat Stomach

“Your belly does not need to be flat as a board. Its really okay.”

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