On the Brink: 11 Simple Mistakes That Could Cost You Everything

Errors, no matter how small, can have huge consequences, even risking lives. A user recently asked, "What simple mistake has cost lives?", sparking shocking reactions!

Not Tying Stopper Knots When Rock Climbing

"Too many rock climbers rappel off their rope ends which could be avoided by tying stopper knots."

Messing With The Torque Wrench

"At a summer tire job, I was warned that a mistake with the torque wrench could kill a family instantly. I knew to take it seriously."

The World’s Deadliest Software Error

"THERAC-25, the deadliest software error, unknowingly killed many radiation patients with lethal radiation doses."

Giving The Wrong Doses Of Insulin

"One healthcare worker recalled a nurse, ignoring clear warnings, drawing insulin from an auto-injector pen. She almost killed a man by wrongly dosing him a hundred times too much."

Getting Out Of The Car In Winters

"People often leave stranded vehicles in rural winters, getting disoriented and freezing," said one. Another advised, "Unless you see the lights of a building, stay in the car."

Locking Oneself Out Of The Home

"A man got stuck while attempting access through a barred window after a lockout. Another instance involved a woman falling and breaking her neck while trying the same."

Pulling The Knife Out Of Someone

"One pulled a knife out of someone. Another, in reaction to a tree branch impaling their leg, pulled it out instinctively, barely avoiding bleeding to death."

Mixing Cleaning Ingredients

"It's concerning to see influencers mixing dangerous cleaning products for views on TikTok and other platforms. This trend is not just risky, but can be fatal."

Not Being Honest With Doctors About Viagra

"Don't hide Viagra use from your doctor. It can dangerously interact with other drugs. They won't judge; it's better than a deadly secret being exposed later. "

Thinking All Heart Attacks Have The Exact Same Symptoms

“That all heart attacks have the same symptoms. They don’t. Trust yourself and seek help ASAP if you are afraid that you’re having a heart attack.” 

The Choking Game

"In elementary school, my friend died playing "the choking game", a trend then. I miss him."

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