24 Pro Moves to Level Up Your Money Game

Post-COVID has boosted prices and minimalism. Here, we merge both, presenting 25 tips to save money in a more minimalist, inflated economy.

Plan Your Meals

The University of Wisconsin says meal planning can save you $1,600 annually on groceries. So, plan meals weekly and avoid unwanted buys.

Cook at Home

Eating out is unhealthy and costly. Instead, buy and cook ingredients at home for less. According to CNET, it can result in a 50-75% savings.

Buy in Bulk

Buying in bulk can save you 27%, says a 2024 LendingTree analysis. However, ensure you have storage and will use the items. Always check expiry dates.

Mark Leftovers to Eat

A HelloFresh study shows 32% of Americans forget leftovers, causing food waste. Mark leftover boxes visibly to save money and time.

Grow Your Food

Passionate about gardening? Grow herbs, microgreens, lemons, peppers and tomatoes to cut grocery bills and eat fresh. Use kitchen waste as compost to save more and reduce waste.

Compare Prices

Compare in-store & online product prices for the best deal; use online price comparison tools if unsure. Apps like BuyHatke offer Amazon deal insights.

Buy Used Items

Buying used items is a cost-effective way to save money. Up to 57% of Americans have bought second-hand goods, and 43% sold them, citing savings. Flea markets are good places to start.

Borrow or Rent

For resourceful living, consider borrowing or renting items like power tools, party supplies or baby items that you don't need all the time, instead of buying them.

Share Expenses with Roommates

Consider getting a roommate if you live alone, to share expenses and combat rising costs. Together, you can pool resources for anything from Netflix subscriptions to furniture.

Creative DIY Projects

Why spend when you can DIY? Save money and beat stress with do-it-yourself projects. Unleash your inner artist!

Use Public Transportation

Walk, bike, or use public transport to save on gas and parking. You may even avoid traffic. APTA reports riders save avg $13,000 yearly.

Maintain Vehicles

Irregular check-ups lead to breakdowns, and breakdowns are expensive. Make sure you do the minimum required to maintain vehicles. You can find some of the best tips here.

Consider Downsizing

Choose a fuel-efficient car to save money and reduce environmental impact. Similarly, downsize your house if too large, invest savings into rental property.

Compare Car Insurance

When you renew your car insurance policy, reach out to different insurers. It helps you choose the ones who will give you the most cost-effective deals.  

Negotiate Everything

Negotiate your apartment rent according to market rates as good haggle can lead to lower costs. Also, remember to ask for discounts when buying offline.

Create Energy-Efficient Homes

Make your home energy-efficient. Weatherize windows/doors, use LED bulbs, install a thermostat and switch to prepaid plans.

Refinance Mortgage

Cut down on expenses by refinancing your mortgage. Monitor interest rates and explore options before refinancing to lower monthly payments.

Rent Out Space

If you’ve got extra room or a rarely-used garage space, rent them out. When you rent out, you generate additional income to help offset maintenance costs. 

Try Free Activities

Sightseeing can be budget-friendly. Free activities include visiting libraries, exploring hidden city gems, or volunteering.

Host Game Nights

A game night or a potluck is a cost-effective way to have fun with friends. Enjoy a wholesome evening with your friends instead of a wild night.  

Use Rewards

When you buy a product, don’t pay the total amount. Check on offers and redeemable coupons. If you have a credit card, you may occasionally get free flights. 

Cancel Unused Subscriptions

There are always a few subscriptions that we take out but hardly need. Cancel them and lower your monthly expenses. 

Keep Tabs on Expenses

Remember to cap your expenses at a particular amount. Be it groceries, entertainment, or dining out, spend only up to the allocated amount for the month.

Be a Good Neighbor

Choose a give-and-take policy with your neighbors. Do something for them for free, and ask them to return the favor. You can mow their lawn so that they fix your leaky taps. 

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