14 Hobbies So Weird That It Will Make You Say “Huh?”

Traditional hobbies like gardening, sports, etc. are popular, but there are many unique, unconventional ones that provide unique pleasure and satisfaction. Let's explore some quirky hobbies.

1. Cemeteries

"I enjoy visiting cemeteries for old family plots from the 1800s. They offer interesting headstones and peaceful quiet."

2. Making Miniatures

"I create miniatures - 30+ Victorian buildings, including tavern, inn, pub, and more. Started in 2019 and still going!"

3. Weaving

“Weaving on a floor loom like it’s 1700”

4. Restoring

"Restoring vintage gumball machines from Chicago is profitable. Turning old arcades, claw games, pinball into a business could bring serious money. Involves traveling."

5. Autocross

"Autocross" is whizzing at low speeds (<50 MPH) through numerous cones, aiming for the fastest time. An absolute thrill!

6. Collect Miniatures

“I collect miniatures of famous landmarks from around the world.”

7. Social Psychology

"I enjoy studying a nation's interests and reactions on social media, understanding historical rationale, and reading books like Sapiens."

8. Reddit

“I go on Reddit”

9. Eating Pen Caps

Yes, there are people with a hobby of eating pen caps.

10. Crime Scenes

"I enjoy analyzing crime cases and collecting porcelain dolls, particularly a musical one from the 1900s gifted by my great aunt."

11. Skipping Stones

“Skipping stones, I like to hike and travel a lot, and it is the first thing I do when I come to a large lake with a stone beach.”

12. Beer Money Sites

“I’m pretty obsessed with “beer money” sites. So most of my free time is spent on those trying to make an extra dollar!”

13. Shrimp keeping

Some people are into shrimp keeping as a hobby.

14. Collect G.I. Joes

“I collect 3 3/4 G.I. Joes from the 80s and early 90s. Easy to fix with o rings.”

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