10 European Habits That Americans Find Absolutely “Strange”

Human cultures boast a range of traditions and customs. What's normal in one group can seem strange to another. This sparked a user to ask Americans, what do Europeans do that you find weird?

1. The Queue Culture

"I lived in Germany 3 years; loved it except for lack of personal space in lines. Same in Sweden, even with the pandemic," users shared. Read more

2. Bed Size Culture

"Hotels use two twin beds instead of king/queen size," said one patron. "For large beds, each person gets their own blanket. Surprising, but sensible," added another. Read more: Escape to Paradise: 10 U.S. Destinations That Will Take Your Breath Away

4. The Smoking Culture

Shocked to see rampant smoking in all age groups including teens and kids when visiting. Share if you noticed the same. link

5. Diverse Languages

"People think it's bizarre that driving 5 hrs in any direction leads you to a different culture and language. Some even find places like Newcastle alienating."

6. Moving Kitchens

Moving kitchens in Germany is common, even in rented apartments. This fits their system of long-term rentals, unlike the U.S where people frequently shift. Check out the worst U.S cities for relocation.

7. Vacations

"We all deserve vacation time and holidays. One remarked, "The vacation time you get is insane." A European working part-time gets 36 paid vacation days."

8. Pay-To-Pee Paradigm

"Visited Europe, paid 0.5 for a bathroom break at Mcdonald’s. Enjoyed the super clean, private stalls. Assume the charge keeps it clean. Experience was in Netherlands." Read: 10 Popular Beliefs That Are Actually False And Untrue

9. Open Borders

"I'm amazed other countries have open borders. I'm travelling from Germany to France on the ICE with no checks," a user said.

10. Late Night Dinner

"European cultures often eat dinner late, hard to imagine eating at 8-9pm," said one. "In Buenos Aires, dinner is between 9:30-midnight, lunch at 3pm, breakfast at 10am," added another. Read: Kill It Now: 10 Frugal Things That Aren’t Worth It Anymore

11. No Ice In The Water

"In July, I visited France and was told by a waiter that they don't serve ice in water," a user shared. Check out 11 Telltale Signs That Reveal Your American Identity

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